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I like the new update!  This game is WAY too addictive.  Keep up the good work.

I was playing with Nimble but I couldn't tell you what abilities I had, sorry.

Noticed while playing today once I reached area 6 occasionally when clicking on a battle the screen would go black.  Backing out to main menu and continuing seemed to fix it.  Once I got to area 8 though it kept happening no matter what.  Love the game, it's been a lot of fun.

When the game works it's a fun game.  I hope you guys really do more with this.

This is a great game.  The sprites are great the music is awesome.  The concept is pretty cool too.  I've never been great at these types of games but I enjoyed playing it a lot.

The screenshots pretty much show you everything you need to see in this game.  I like the overall look of it though and would love to see this expanded upon.  I also enjoy the music.