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I dont really know if your compensating for something or your just bored but its clear you have to much time on your hands and it's a 2 dollar game get over it you're over 30 years old Christ

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funny there is literally a board game with the same premise and aesthetic called "The Night Cage" as well

had fun with this really wish I could download it

reminds of armed with wings

Hopefully you guys are finishing this holy crap is it a ride

For just a fun cabinet game this is awesome

wonder if the TM4 devs know about this some of them have been wanting to get back into making TM inspired games and are you the guy who made Primal lol?

alan wake

chill dog go play triple A if your looking for that its just a game they put out for free  not that serious this isn't even constructive at the end of the day

id pay you just to have an exe file i love this little gem

inspired by freedom finger?

twisted metal lol?