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the lever can be found but you must get passed a certain locked item/container in the level to obtain it 

Hi there, as far as we are concerened there shouldnt be anything stopping you from leaving the firewall room once entered, and in terms of the keys use. Well keys open locked things that's all we can say :). Also as there are other ways of bypassing the firewall it is not critical the the key is found.

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Thanks for this amazing response beta hunter, we will definitely look into the bugs that you have mentioned and try to clear as many of them up as possible. 

Also your ideas are very interesting and we will definitely consider this when looking at future updates 

Again thank you for taking the time to make a full play through and the time to post your feedback. 

Ah sorry, I think this must be a small mistake with the script and the understanding of the situation, the key is part of one of the puzzles to escaping the firewall. to the player it is a simple key which as you might expect can unlock doors and other locked objects, however to link it with the hackers external view we decided that to his program it would appear the player has just found a password or code to a locked or encrypted folder. We will work on the clarity of this for the next update :) thanks 

Hey there, if you are referring to the falling code on the monitors, it is a sci-fi representation of how a real-time simulation might appear as code to someone who is in the real world :) 

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There are some invisible colliders that knock you  at randoms times, sometimes you also stop randomly. actually quite fun tho