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that's all good, I think we'll keep the time as is

Hey everone!
Due to some oversight with creating the jam page, incorrect times were chosen for the start / end times of the jam.
I'm considuring pushing the jam back 8 hours, however i want to see if that fits with those who've already signed up.
Please comment if it's alright to push it back

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Since we wont get that many non GM people at this point, we've decided to open the jam to non-GM users
However, the GM winner role will still be given to the winning GM game

Ii got the snail shell-projectile from another game I'm making with the same art assets, haha
Although, in that game, it was more like you were a gun
I may incorporate this style of flinging into that game and see how it goes

I was twisting the original mario arcade games

Wowsers this was pretty fun.

i think they went though, make sure they are public

you might have submitted after the deadline, but, if you @ me on the server, i can try to sort this out

Twas' a pretty cool game!

A very charming game. I hope you're doing well, you've done great.

I got a few flashbacks from a few old projects i made when playing this. It was sort, but everything is! Well done

You can use them, sure

but do know that there is no judging in aesthetics

Yes, It will be revealed on jam start.
I don't know it either, but nevertheless, this will be fun

Yes, should convert the times for you.
We tried to find a time which is appropriate for the most amount of people.