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Nater Gatorz

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Not sure how I feel about this, I do love the atmosphere. Understandably there are bugs and no voice acting. A clip of what was too come at the end of the demo would have drawn me in a bit more but the end made me feel unfulfilled. I'm no expert just a gamer, but I am very interested with where ya'll go with this because I need more sci-fi horror in my life! Thank you! 

I had fun with this one, the second tape game me some glitches. I shut it down and all seemed to be okay after... so not sure if PC or game. I do like where this game is heading with the different types of gameplay and story behind each VHS. Can't wait to go through the whole game!

This was fun! I like how you made the game have different gameplay mechanics, shows skill. Not very optimized though, not sure if that's my PC or the game is trying to do too much all at one time. Overall I really liked it and can't wait to try the other nights when you have the full version released!

I am so very intrigued by your game, the demo gave me so much and I really really want a full game! This has so much soul and lore to it, I had so much fun playing it! 

Really enjoyed this short horror experience, great follow up to Midnight Shift!

I was very impressed with your sense of atmosphere, I know it was a class project for you but damn man, you have a great foundation. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more of your work.

I dig the visuals and atmosphere in this game, not too scary though. The monster was small compared to how it sounded. So was the monster just an hallucination ? Or was it in fact real? Overall, I enjoyed the experience, thank you!

I was intrigued by this game, it's pretty damn hard. A rager if you will, I enjoyed the gameplay, would make a great IOS/Android game app! Needs music and sound effects but I'm sure you gathered that. Thanks!

The game was more polished than I was expecting, I did get a glitch with the nasty patty item, you'll be able to see in the video. But other than that, thanks for the nostalgia rush :)

This was my finale game for this video and I really enjoyed myself, first person horror just gets to me more. Y'all have a solid foundation of a horror game. Would love to see a full school with a full story line and lots more scares! Good job!!

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This was a unique horror game that I quite enjoyed! I filled out your survey and I hope I did your game justice in my play through. To everyone watching, hello there! Please enjoy:)

Making fun nostalgia games! I absolutely love it! You're going through my whole childhood and making it even more terrifying than it already was! Sincerely enjoyed the game Dave! Keep it up!