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I made a gameplay the other day of this game, I wonder how differentt it could be if i replayed it and got a different ending...

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such a difficult game! Omg XD I saved maybe 2 babys at most...

Loved this game a lot, loved what it dealt with, loved the facts in the end!

This game was so fun! Id love to play more of it! The video will be up tomorrow at 8 am

I went to work in my underwear, how lucky am I for not getting fired! Haha

Reap community · Created a new topic LETS PLAYS

Im so dedicated to getting myself outthere i just had to make myself a category. This is actually a part 2 to the game, I really have a lot of fun playing it and enjoy it very much.

wow, I could not get past that huge monster bitch... maybe im doing something wrong...

AWESOME GAME! i I loved playing it so much! I was sooo close to winning!

i made a gameplay of this game and it was sooo awesome, like a zombieland guitar hero!

An insanely awesome game! so addicting and frustrating. In the good way. If you want to see me struggle to jump up two blocks, i made a video

I made a video for this totally awsome game!

AND HERE WE ARE! Is there any secrets? Anything? Basically im asking for a reason to play this game again!

INCREDIBLE GAME! I liteally cant believe my eyes and ears. It was and i dont say this often, a masterpiece of gaming! heres a playthrough i did, you can watch it tomarrow at 2:30

heres part 2! im definitely going to play the next beta!

amazing game! loved it to death heres part 1 of what i hope will be almost an unlimited amount of episodes!

Hey i made a video of the game! theres more episodes to come since i had a hard time with it XD

i made a gameplay for

the game! its super terrifying...