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managed to get 15400 after 15 minutes of play i ended up giving up at 15 minutes i coulda went longer but at this point my mind is a tetris piece

i so bad wanna play this but the difficulty is just far too much i literally cant pass the third level

so... you can get a really high score by just layering like a million tracks on top of eachother highest score with this method is 264758 with 20366 cash

well i mean a game that instantly says you lose and puts a virus on your computer is out of control but thats not very fun is it? also calm down jesus 

id love to see this expanded upon the idea is great!

i die reload and get this error "type error could not read event with label null" or something along those lines

hey uh dont label the game as playable in browser because thats a lie if you can turn that off it would be great but itch probably did that automatically so oh well

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theres a bug on stage 3 the one with the first ranged enemy i think where you didnt make the goo damage you beyond the surface so you fall in and dont die