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Nate Buck

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A few minor bugs:

- Canceling out of Zheng's dialog prompt instead of choosing "I'm good, Zheng!" triggers the "Examine <name>" dialog.

- The moth's idle actions in battle (e.g. "<name> wiggles its little feet.") use it/its where everything else seems to use they/their.

- Sometimes on the XP screen, the moth's name is yellow for some reason. Seems to only happen when someone else levels up?

- It might not be a bug, but the stat-boosting items can only be used on Eve?

Glad at could help! Let me know if you need more repro information (I'm on v0.23).

Is the turn supposed to advance when you Transform? I'm wasn't expecting status timers to tick on Transform, and also I got attacked by an enemy once right after Transforming before my actual turn.

The executables don't run on Windows? I have Win7 and the .exe files say they aren't compatible.

Okay, so I played this for like a half hour, and got to 10000 points, because it's just really, reeeeeeeeally good

It's just so good!

I love the customization options! They really helped me get a load of the dog!

I can't get past the first two IMs? I assume I can click on Reply on one...?