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Cade o update :(

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Little wiki
  In the game there will be 4 action walk, see, talk and use. Before ally fall from the tree fallow the white rabbit, and get in the tree hole. Before ally fall click on her using the action "use" and she will remove her panties. Click on the little plant and she will pee on it. Click on Ally and she will put the panties. Click in the plant and wait the end of the cutscene. she will fall in a place that have a tree and a river. Change to the action walk, go to the right stage, you will see a dead tree and a tea pot, change to the action "use" and click on the tree lowest left branch, she will get a new item. click on the little flower on the right side of the stage. Change to walk action, go to the right stag. Click in your inventory and select the branch. Click on the frog. You will lose your branch. Change to walk action. Go to the right stage. Click in the inventory and select the frog. Click in the poll, Select her panties and click in the bublles. Select the wet panties and click in the dead tree. Go to the left stage. Select the panties and click on Ally. Go to the left stage. Go to the left stage again . After talking to the cat select the flower you got in the teapot stage. Click in the cat. The game is Finished

Thank you now i can finaly do a wiki

How to dry her panties

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Where exactly to click?

Caraio o Brasil


Wow thats a good game bro, It remember me Imouto Life. :) But bethered (I dont know how to write this Melhorado).

there will be no more updates?

I hope you don't abandon the project it's a good game, the art is amazing.

I can't belive thats a free game. Congratulations you do a great work :)
      Brasil esteve aqui.

pls put a option that disables futa :(

Hey bro, you are a respect guy. I'm sorry for the request, but if I'm not abusing from your kidnes can you make a Linux version?

The game have some bugs runing with WINE

(I'm sorry for the english, i talk portuguese)

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A good game with a lot of work

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I made this question too, I tested the game in Ubuntu, Kali, Debian, POP Os, and Zorin os.

The game dont have any issues, just use wine to make it run.

I'm not the dev but if you have any questions i will happy awanser.

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Acredito que seja, se quieres estar mas atualizado apenas verifique o changelog

 (desculpe pelo español jo ablo portugês)

My first time playing a game made by Pinktea was 3 eyers ago in newgrounds, it was Slave lords, since the begin pinktea is amazing.

Did you abandon the game?

How to dry her panties?????????????????????????

I am playing this game by 3 years, and I still dont know how to dry her panties.

I have clicked in every single object, and nothing happend.

I'm a little sad, that was the first NSFW game i have played.

LOL i goy scary about the title

I have this problem too, I use a Moto e7.

I had a problem with the game resolution, when you start the game for the first time the resolution is 4000x3450.

If you have this issue you can fix rotating the screen, and trying to enable the full screen in the options menu, you can drag the game window by the screen to select the option. After that rotate the screen again and play.

I know its not the correct mode to fix it, but I believe its the more simple.

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Its in the head of this page

Mega has a downloader limit, so if we want to download your game we have to get a premiun account in mega. ☹️

Plz dont use mega to upload you games :'(

i already search in this places, and see the exact localization in the wiki, but she is not there.

Help, i cant find bell, i already read the wiki and i cant find her, this is a bug or in the new version she appear in other place?

Wow, that game is good, the voices are perfect, the history line are perfect, and the grafics are amazing.

I want to buy the game, but is paypal :(

That means REAL its the brazilian money, it costs five times less than dollar.

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The disposition of the places inthe map looks like Brazil

I'm so tanfull, pls never put NTR in the game, me and the boys have trauma

Kkkkkk o comentario debaixo e muito bom, não tankei. Achei o jogo muito bom, não encontrei nenhum bug, e ele tem um ótimo desenvolvimento da historia.

I found in the games achive the shugar cane save for the sex scene, does anywone know if hailey can use the shugar cane for sex?

Are you planing to do a android version?