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Thank you so much!

im a little confused but how do you start the poly romances, im not sure what im doing honestly 

I love coming to see when a creator uploads a new chapter because its always a nice way to cheer me up when I'm upset.

All the giddiness and excitement in the comments waiting for the update makes me so happy, like not only is everyone elses happiness rubbing off on me but also im just happy to see people loving this game

I am on windows 10. I've tried typing winver but it only seems to slow the rotating for a second but nothing else otherwise

I'm on Windows, but I'm not sure what OS

No One is Here community · Created a new topic help

when i load up the game i'm turning around in circles and can't stop. is there a way to stop it? i thought it was my controller at first but it still continued to spin in circles after i disconnected it.

this kind of reminds me of Welcome to Nightvale. A weird but good podcast

Those are so nice!!