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I loved it so much!! Looking forward for next updates!

I haven't done all roads yet but I couldn't help myself but to come here leave a comment... This is far better than my expectations!!! I already was expecting much, but this exceeded! The story is very well-written and it is VERY thrillin and exciting, I felt like watching a movie or a series! It is very interesting to see that there's a lot more to Samael's backstory than we saw on 'Forgive me, father'. I loved it, very very very much!

Awesome and fantastic job!!

Yaaay! New game, I'm so excited!

oh, my, gosh.

I loved it so much! Since I installed it, I kept playing until I did every single one of the endings. And I loved each one, so interesting! Thanks for releasing such a cool project! I'll look forward for future updates! 馃挅