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thats too bad, i reaaally like the game and ive even played it for more than once but i guess you dont have to add a level.

i really like it, but the control is kinda hard at first. can you put another level after i hug that big eye?

i download the 64 one and its really cool

alright ill try download the 64bit one thx 

i forgot actually but usually i would download the lowest mb or the one that says zip

pls let me know if you already fix it because i reeeeaaaallly like the game

yes i have restart the level and i did go all the way to the left

hey i think i found a bug, i was in diane and chris's room and i open the drawer (the one that's locked) and i played as chris, it told me to go outside and i did but i was on the edge and nothing happen. i waited like a minute but nothing really happen so i check a video and i saw that a woman was supposed to talk to chris but it didnt happen to me.

pls fix this