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EXTREMELY great game, had some fun just messen around, I also kinda like the music. Graphics are Good and Controlls are great!

The update is great, the only problem is, the AI starts as soon as you enter the stats. This is a problem when you want to have a precise amount, because you have added the ammount of doors, ufcourse, This does change the acuracy when it starts automaticaly and you have to hurry and paus it.

The app is not even opening, I am on Windows 10

Yes, Deffinetely!

I really like it, the only problem though, I think the AI auto is a little fast, either you should select how fast, or something else. 

Ok, found the controlles. Game look is nice, but you should add cars, cause its a little boring.

Well then, how do I select, You should wright down those comands to. Thanks for telling me the W and S though.

One thing, my mouse wont appear on screen and I cannot sellect any option. I am on windows 10.