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Nascent Space

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Incredibly creative idea, a bit hard to actually play though with somewhat finnicky controls for moving the dice around

Heck yeah

I got all the swear words :)

Nice Baba-Is-You-Esque game

The bonk sound effect of the kid smacking the floor after falling over was really funny for some reason

This was unintentionally hilarious

Blame the cat

You tug the rope, but it is not the cat who is pulled

Oh wait I wasn't supposed to destroy the earth?

Where can I listen to the music on loop?

No retry button?

I'm on a mac running firefox. Seems like Chrome works. Wow man that is a hard game, I wish there was a way to make the timers a tad bit slower, or decrease the amount of numbers.

I love the mini devlog, I hope you finish this game even though the jam ended.

Does this game have an ending or do they just ramble on incoherently forever?

Really good puzzles, not too easy, not insanely hard. Just the right amount of difficult to give an AHA! moment.

In the browser version the game breaks after the tutorial :(

It makes me feel like spiderman in space

I'm still trying

Oooooh that makes sense... somehow it didn't cross my mind that not picking it up would stop me from dying.

Well it is a cat after all lol, but yeah it could have been a bit less back tracky

Interesting concept, I think making it so that you have to touch regular ground before you can jump on a second platform or something would help eliminate the cheesing of some of the puzzles by switching to the flying girl and platforming under the dude after jumping.

Really fun game, it's like Lovers in a dangerous spacetime for biology students

Some levels are straight up impossible

I wish it was easier to join with the enemies

Bomb randomly spawned right in front of me and I died instantly

Am I just dumb or is the wdw level impossible

Great mashup, but after a point I got fed up with juggling the two and stopped spinning pieces so I wouldn't need to deal with the ball.

I got so many sword upgrades that my HP is at 0 but I'm not dead and can instantly murder the boss.

A very interesting game, had a bit of a katamari damacy vibe with the buildup of random objects. My highest score was 3040, I just wish I could have figured out how to move the view on my first go.


I only have a Mac right now, but really want to make a PC eventually. I wish PC building sim was for Mac as well, so I can test what kind of build I want to make eventually.

Money well spent

These games feel like you found a random game idea generator and then actually made a game based on every prompt that came up.

What inspired you to make this

What the hell did I just play

Wait why does the alive counter go down when they reach the hotel? Are they dying in there?

Tried to do the tutorial, I guess it was a mistake to try moving around because I flew off the map very fast


Art is all about perspective