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Even the sewer secret turtle level, when you enter the pipe, has 42-45 fps. I got once to beach level, got ~45 fps yes.

NT:TE community · Created a new topic LOW fps

So, I have a powerfull enoug machine to run this game and the mod. But for some reason, with 60fps enabled, in some ares I run at 45 at max fps and it makes the game run slower also. Is there a fix? or am I doing something wrong?

Where does it say? :( 

I must have missed it, sorry if I asked a random annoying question. 

But I don't understand, everyone has to run /sideload to get any mod for online coop, but online coop is already a mod, isn't it? It's confusing...

Hello. I find the mod very fantastic overall, but I've got an issue: I'm not able to run 60fps (or more) in online coop, neither fullscrean 18:9 aspect ratio. In single player it works flawlessly, but in online coop it just doesn't. Is it possible to do? Am I missing something?