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On Linux, at least, saves made during conversations just don't work. The character appears, but the UI is gone. It's basically softlocked. Good thing I had a save outside of dialogue...

Also the phone button shows up on the main menu after quitting, underneath the Patreon button

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Done. I'll try the Windows version under wine or a manually-run mono, maybe.

EDIT: Windows version works under wine so long as you don't play full-screen, except that neither of the lines I was clicking on before work. I can get to where the one further back lead from within the game itself, so I assume that's also a bug, but I'm not sure what the lower-down one is for.

EDIT: On replaying, it turns out that the third puzzle _does_ have a proper visualization like the other two. I thought it was meant to be played from the screen of the puzzle on the right, which made it much more difficult because I couldn't see the lines or the end points. After completing it the "proper" way, the screen goes black, but I was able to see the rest by playing it from the screen on the right.

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Keeps crashing for me when I click the first thing that looks like a sideways C, or maybe a U with weird serifs. Is it the first? I can't find any others. On the screen you get taken to if you idle on the main menu for too long. macOS 10.12.6.

EDIT: Also crashes if I click the horizontal line on the main menu. The one further back doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Is this meta?

EDIT: I got to a screen where I could link spaces(?) together with a yellow line. The game crashed again when I linked the starting-point cube to the ending-point cube.

Update: Turns out to be because of some unexpected behavior from intersects(). I've opened a PR.

Update: As a temporary workaround, I can briefly increase one body's size by 0.1 and reinstate the original size after the intersects() check. For obvious reasons, this won't work if I use collides(). This is still pretty fragile, but at least I can collide some of the time.

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This is what I have so far:

function getAllColliding(body: Sup.ArcadePhysics2D.Body): Sup.ArcadePhysics2D.Body[] {
  return Sup.ArcadePhysics2D.getAllBodies()
    .filter((x)=>Sup.ArcadePhysics2D.collides(body, x));

let warp = getAllColliding(
  .map((x)=>_.tap(x, (x)=>'a ' + // :(
  .map(function(x) { return; })
  .map((x)=>_.tap(x, (x)=>'b ' +
if (warp) {

No matter what I try, I have a body that just doesn't show up. It doesn't even reach the line I marked with :(, even though I'm certain they are actually colliding. And yet nonetheless, the body in question is still solid!

Things I've tried:

  • using intersects() instead of collides()
  • swapping the positions of body and x in getAllColliding()
  • doing both of the above things at once
  • deleting and recreating the actor this behavior is on
  • deleting and recreating the actor I'm trying to collide with
  • setting the body-to-collide-with to 1x1 at 0 offset with 0 bounce
  • confirming, via similar log calls, that the body-to-collide-with is being returned from getAllBodies() (it is)
  • setting the body this behavior is on to 1x1 at 0 offset with 0 bounce
  • setting the body-to-collide-with as non-movable
  • setting the body-to-collide-with as movable
  • moving the actor-to-collide-with down the actor list, below an actor that I can work with just fine
  • moving the actor-to-collide-with off of its parent
And I'm kinda stuck.
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My workaround is to add a preprocessing step. I have, essentially, this:

public message_c: string;
public message: DialogueBox; // text, scroll speed, colors, etc.; doesn't show in scene editor

awake() {
  if (!this.message && !!this.message_c) {
    this.message = new DialogueBox(this.message_c.replace('\\n', '\n'));

This way you can also define your own control codes. For instance, I have one for "make the dialogue box appear all at once rather than scrolling", and another for "split message into multiple dialogue boxes". You should find it pretty straightforward.

MIDIMeter as an Audio Unit, please?

That worked, thank you.

I get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'onMessage' of null at line 1925 of SupRuntime.js. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Electron 1.3.4. The game runs fine when launched from the IDE; this issue only happens on exported versions.

It looks like Superpowers' code is contradicting itself. Here you work around SupApp not existing, but a few lines later you just assume it exists, without having done anything to set it in the meantime.

I'd do more to help, but I can't for the life of me figure out what SupApp actually is, or how to replace onMessage with (presumably) something from Electron.

(Crossposted from an issue I opened on GitHub.)