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Merci ! Je me suis bien amusé à écrire cette histoire :)

Nice rhythm game! The one button menu is really neat. Being able to  toggle fullscreen in the one button is so cool. Great job!

I admit that it's hard to use, but I consider it the most powerfull weapon of the game.

Nice game and story. 

To add sound and music to binksi/bipsi, you can use javascript nodes to load/play them. I made a little pluggin to embed sfxr that is a good starting point: bipsi-sfxr-plugin

But for a dream, that make sense not to have any sound or music. It can be part of the ambiance.

Great job! I like the graphics and sound and you have done a great job on adding sounds and little animations to set the atmosphere.

Is there a way to pass through the left path of the second screen?

I really like the soundtrack that give an oppressive atmosphere. The game is slow paced but not boring. It was a pleasure to discover the different endings that remind me Heart of darkness in a way.

Très belle ambiance et bonne utilisation des possibilités du moteur de jeu :)

Bravo, faire une FI rimée ne doit pas être un exercice facile et c'est vraiment une réussite !

Sympa, on retrouve bien l'esprit feuilleton ! Et le générique de fin est bien choisit ;)

I like the story and the vocabulary based combats. The little robot is cute too.

Great job!

Thank you. Here is the explaination: since there is no saving feature in the game, I prefered not ending the game so the player can continue playing if he wanted to continue exploring the dungeon or upgrading the character stats :)

Yeah, one week is short to make a dungeon crawler xD... I'm curious on what you originaly planed for combat? Are you still working on it?

There are still some bugs and combat is a bit repetitive. But the idea of changing dimention to overcome obstacles is nice. The voice is a nice touch too, it contributes to the atmosphere.

The game crash when I hit 'restart' (memory access out of bound) on the web build. Nothing to stop me from playing though.

Keep the good work :)

Thank you. I didn't implement strafing because I feared it could be confusing for some players due to instant movements and lack of variety in the environnement. Will definitly consider this for a post-jam release :)

Yes, the game is fun and well polished! I just wanted to let you know of the bug in case you did not noticed it :)

Nice game with a good infiltration vibe! I really like the sounds, music and voices. And the two characters fit perfectly the theme.

Just to let you know: I encountered a bug (on the web version): the game crashed while I moved on the same tile as an ennemi.

Great work!

Cool game with a lot of good ideas! I like the movements, collecting items is satisfying. The menus are nice in both exploring and battle. The character stats are really complete!

Graphics need some refinement, textures are repeting to much. I also encountered a few bugs :

- When starting a new game after dying, we begin with 0 life

- I coudn't heal during battles with adrenaline (maybe I missed something?)

- Sometime healing does not work even in exploration mode.

Overall, the game is really nice, the battle system has a good potential even if it's a bit confusing at first due to the point of view. I would have liked to have more battles with multiple enemies to benefit the tactical aspect of the battle mecanics.

Great job :)

Thank you for taking the time to play the whole game :)

Sorry about the music on Safari. I didn't had time to fix it before the line. It will be patched in the post jam release ^^

Thank you! This was the intended effect ;)

My first idea was to have statistics in the form of  school grades but I did not had time to push it that far for the jam :)


Green and Red powers can work together since the green refill red gauge (plus some life). But I think you are right, I will probaply ballance that again post jam.

Really nice little quest!

I liked the pixel art, the original 'battle' system and the effort you bring in telling the story and the tutorial.

About the possible improvements, I think you should add a compass (plus it seems that when we come back from a battle, the orientation can change). The main path is marked by some banners, but it lack of some reward for those who explore other areas (I had a game over for exploring too much). I was gaining positivity but it didn't help much since I spent all my memories while exploring. Is there any use of the positivity stat, I did not understand that part?

It could be nice to access memories and knowing positivity when we are not in battle. The 'puzzle' room should probably be smaller (and maybe add some mechanics more like a puzzle, like not being able to walk twice on the same tile) :D

Great work!

C'est corrigé. Pour info, c'était effectivement parce que je n'avais pas spécifié de font-family. Je pensais que tous les navigateurs utiliseraient la même police par défaut mais ce n'est pas le cas. Merci encore !

En effet, je viens de tester sous linux et le texte apparaît beaucoup plus gros sur firefox (ok sur chrome par contre). Merci de m'avoir remonté ce souci, je vais voir comment corriger ça :)

Bizarre, je n'ai pas rencontré ce bug durant mes tests. Pourtant testé sur edge, chrome et firefox. Sur quel navigateur es tu ? Tu as peut-être un paramètre de zoom ou de police particulier ? Tous les textes sont dans des balise p avec un css avec font-size: 1.45em; J'ai remarqué une légère différence de taille de rendu entre firefox et chrome mais rien qui fasse dépasser. Du coup il est possible que d'autres navigateurs non testés (comme Safari ou Opera) rendent les textes différemment.

Merci en tous cas d'avoir joué et de m'avoir remonté le souci :)

J'ai vu vos critiques des autres jeux. Je suis ça de près :)

Oui, c'est cool d'avoir des retours de joueurs non francophones. Je trouve ça bien que vous preniez la peine de jouer à nos réalisations malgré la barrière de la langue.

Merci d'avoir joué et merci pour cette belle review ifdb !

Merci. Oui c'est juste ça, j'ai ajouté le message popup pour être sur que le lecteur comprenne bien qu'il est arrivé au bout.

Thanks! You are right, it's not totally random. The game choose one random normal move and one random attack move (if possible). So as soon as there is one possibility to attack, it will be suggested.

I confirm. You begin with 100 life points. Each move cost 2 points and if you reach 0, you lose. In advance mode the choices are rerolled every 6 seconds but it increase the cost. If you don't reroll during a turn, the cost decrease (but not if it's already 2, the minimum)

Yeah, I didn't had time during the jam, but the choices could definitly be a bit 'smarter' so you don't end up falling in some dumb trap xD

Cool game! It take me some time to understand the snail mechanic. And I just realized that you can hit the birds.The change on the bird shoud be more obvious when they fly away.

Did you think of adding a goal like reaching the moon or something like that ?

My personal best score: 423

Great work!

Nice idea and graphics. I should definitly give it a try with a friend. Really like the vine physics. 

Thanks! And congratulations for having mastered the advanced mode! For a more relaxed experience, feel free to play the beginner mode ;)

Great game, I like the way the boat react with left and right control as if we are using reams. It will be nice to see the reams, but it's ok like that. The dynamic music when the shark is approching is a nice touch! And it's really cool to have an online leaderboard.

I really like the big pixels here! The jumping sound is a little anoying after a while.

My best score is 56. Does the level have an end?

Nice game, I will probably try to beat my record!

Cool story! Being able to play on computer or mobile is a nice touch :)

Clever use of the single button. I really like this little slime.

Very satisfying! The feedbacks are great and the gameplay is neat. it makes you want to keep playing

Thanks. The black holes force you to stretch the snail. If you release the button when the head of the snail is on it, it does not move forward. Gravel slows down the snail.

Merci ! content que ça t'ait plu. Je planche sur le scénario d'un autre épisode. C'est une bonne occasion pour moi d'expérimenter un format épisodique ^^