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I am trying to decide when to download this. I notice the PC version is at v9 and others are at v11.  Are you going to update the PC version? Thank's in advance. 

Nice contrast of good endings. I like my yuri romantic and you achieved that. Good job over all.  Maybe we will see something else by ya'll.

Of course, Patreon. Why didn't I think to look there! See you on Discord.

Thank for the response. I found the "Friendship" ending on my own. It wasn't natural game play, but explore the code path play. I just switched between choose time with each love interest. I got JH first basically because being independent, truthful, and industrious (independent) were the natural characteristic's I play a character with. I had intended to go for Ai as a love interest at first, but it became clear mid game my choices were not going that way and just rolled with it.  

I have by now, gone to Steam and found the ending's guild. I used it for the last two endings. I am not much of puzzle solver so that was the easiest way to find everything. I did Ai true ending last and can see why that was the recommended ending. 

I was a little surprised there was no "bad" ending if you continued to follow a path of trying to escape. I see how it works point wise in the game, but (personally) I might have given a second chance to escape, after ignoring the monk, which would have ended bleakly. 

I will be following Aikasa Collective and hope some day to see you are working on something new. I am sure there are idea's in your collective, but it is a time of polishing, cleaning up, and resting. Till it is time a new effort, Stay Safe/Stay Healthy

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A lovely game, a nice change for high school girls falling in love or exploring the newest Skyrim mod. The routes I explored had very a very mature feel. I got “Family” first and then “Stasis.” I have tried some variance but haven’t found any of the other three routes. I will confess at this point, I usually start consulting a play through guide. I have a few other ideas of things to try and we will see how they turn out. I may a have a peek at Steam, last I looked they were still waiting for the game.

One amusing thing in my play through, I choose the name Aiyoku for [charname] (purhapes not the best fitting name for the character as the plot unfolds and promptly learned the name of one of the love interests was Ai. I suspect you already know about the problem where at times the name Linh is still used even though you select a new name.

Again, very enjoyable. Lovely graphics. I enjoyed the food pieces, unlike the other poster. At times I found the use of slang and informal speech jarring. Slang didn't really seem to fit any of the characters. Unfortunately, I didn’t note down any of the instances.

It is too bad, I didn’t spot your game in time to take part of the Kickstarter phase of production. It would be nice to think I had a small hand in the creation of such an enjoyable and beautiful game.

Well back to see if I can find another ending.

I am sure I will, I loved the demo!

Good timing on release, Almost finished with Kindred Spirits on a Roof and was wondering what to play next.