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So cool to see the community come together for a collaborative project. Let's do this more often, guys!

Hey, I purchased the tileset, but the PNG image has the overlay, not allowing it to be used properly. Can you update that file for those who purchased?

Great concept, great execution! Love it.

Great concept, great execution! Love it.

Really awesome work here!!!

Really awesome work here!!!

Really cool applications here. Shows how much can be done in GBStudio with a bit of creativity.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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Really awesome. Looking forward to trying it out when it's available!

We need a download to play on game boy!

Nice job!

That's awesome! Share here when its done!

Your use of color blew my mind. I had no idea you could actually use that many colors in GB Studio. Thank you for the inspiration, and opening new doors for my own game I am developing!

Can't play on a laptop with a mousepad, would require an actual mouse.

Interesting experience. I did a playthrough with some commentary on my youtube. Thanks for sharing. 

We need this for mac! looks fun!

Great job. The addition of music makes it really nice too.

We need non windows options! Mac, Browser play! This game looks great

Had a blast playing this game all the way through. Very inspiring. I plan on making my first game on GB Studio, so was really cool to see someone do something unique with it. Thank you for sharing your game with all of us. Please make it available as a ROM ;)

I love the graphics. And the light effect. Not sure if this is a known bug, or if I am not understanding... but I entered a room, and then was stuck. And I used my mouse to click on the screen, and anywhere I clicked, the light went out. And then I was stuck in place, in the dark.