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I especially liked the graphics but the whole game was awesome and a lot of fun!

There was a nice atmosphere at held through the whole game, really liked that :3

I like loop games and this was a nice one :)  The picture in the bedroom was creepy!

So many unanswered question remain T_T I would have loved to play even longer. Very nice game!

Such a fun game that will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone playing it! I especially liked the jokes on the events and of course the adorable tiny elephant :3

Such an awesome game! Totally recommend it (^ ^)

The graphics were great, music super catchy and story  just awesome. Playing this was so much fun!

Very nice and fun game :) I will probably play some more off camera and try to find other ending/s!

Great atmosphere and story. And that phone thing was so cool! I really enjoyed the game :)

So cool! I think I also get the endings better now too \(^-^)/ 

Thank you for the explanation

I really liked the game, it was simple and fun :) I think I found all three endings too! Only thing that really bothered me was those "Insights" since I didn't quite understand what they were?

I really liked this game :3 It was interesting and fun. I think that I got most of the endings if not all.

Such a cool and creepy game! I especially had a lot of fun trying to piece together the story behind the nightmare.

Can't believe this was made in only 36 hours! Such a great game, I liked it a lot :) Would love to also play a longer version (or a sequel :3) 

First of all the game looked great. Secondly it had such a great atmosphere which made it both creepy and scary at the same time.

The more I think about the story the more confused I am. I think there are multiple ways to explain what happened which is really cool. I didn't manage to find all of the picture pieces but I liked the ending a lot.

Fun and not too scary game with nice graphics, sounds and story. I got stuck finding the second key and way to the garage but eventually found my way to both ^^'

Such a fun game :D

Spooky and fun game. Had nice jump scares too.

Nice game, I especially liked the atmosphere. Also I got spooked by the globe on the table.. 

Nice game :) I especially think that the voice acting was great addition and really helped to make the mood nice and creepy. Personally I would have liked it if the game had subtitles since I think it might help to follow the dialog at some points. 

Can't resist guinea pigs. I was so bad at this but it was fun ^^

The game was interesting and creepy and fun to play.  I'm just hoping it would have been a bit longer :( Still very nice work!

Fun and spooky game. I would have loved to know even more about the story :)

Really interesting demo, I'm looking forward to the full game! 

Nice and creepy atmospheric game. I had fun even tough I had slight problems with cleaning and got depressed by the fate of that poor doggie :( 

fun, short & surprising game about working as a janitor. 

Creepy and spooky game, overall very nice experience :)

The atmosphere was great and looking around as the girlfriend and through the camera was such a cool idea! I also liked the graphics, sounds and the story very much. Overall very enjoyable game.

Cool and spooky game. I think that there must be real cool backstory behind the city and stuff happening in there! Only problem I had was getting stuck at the gate since I didn't realize at first that  I need to press the text ^^' 

Fun, short and a bit spooky game with interesting stuff to look at. 

In total a very nice game! Some levels were quite tricky but not unreasonably hard which was nice. New game mechanics were also simple to figure out when they were introduced which was also very nice. 

I really liked the visual style, atmosphere and interesting characters in this game. Had fun playing and my only regret is failing to give the guy with the dog that box of food :´( 

I liked the story and how it was told little by little. There really wasn't any big problems in the game and it was quite enjoyable to play. I think more puzzles would have been fun though.

Game was overall nice and spooky experience. Also the enemies were super creepy! Even though I complained a lot while playing I really enjoyed this game :)

That 86 made me very confused!?! Also the game looked great and was really spooky. I hope you end up making extended cut, that would be great!

Game looked and sounded great. It also was really scary! I felt really terrified while playing :< Only thing that kind of bothered me was how fast the dialog went sometimes but I might just be slow reader ^^'

I just loved this game! It was a lot of fun and I really liked the cute graphics, happy music and funny dialog. This game just brought a big smile on my face :) I really hope to be able to witness more of Gorfs adventures in the future!

I would have loved to play this for longer! The games were scary and simple enough. I think subtitles would have been nice since sometimes the dialog was hard to hear. Also the volume balance between footsteps and dialog was a bit off in my opinion. But overall nice and scary experience :)