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this guy knows whats up

No trouble! Thanks for your reply, looking forward to it!

Really fun! I’m going for the S Ranks now but it’s feeling pretty tough. Not 100% on it but on Sewers I didn’t enter the vision cones of the turret or guard, or alert the guard at all, and it still gave me an A. Tried a couple different approaches too but no dice. Is there a time I gotta hit to get S rank there?

Thanks for posting this, I had a few unanswered questions about some exploits

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ah yeah, that's from a while back when it wasn't very optimized. I also noticed that route and that's what I use now. Check this one out instead!

Also make sure to turn on captions for All Coins in 2:28 to get my commentary

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Lucky for you my channel is full of em! I'll link a playlist here

There are two categories I workshopped, All Boys and All Coins. All Boys is sitting at 2:54 and All Coins is 2:28.

It's a pretty tight run, but there's some improvement to be made to my All Boys time - There's a pretty significant route change for Negative Boy, and I can make better use of a movement exploit that makes you move faster but is tricky to pull off first try.

I tried both opening it after installing OpenAL like in the readme & running it on the client, but they both close after a second and nothing starts up. Am I messing something up?

Hi! I'm interested in trying this out, but trying to open up the exe just meets me with a cmd prompt. I tried to run it manually, but I'm not very familiar with anything like that. Can I get some help?

Wow I'm really looking forward to this. Good stuff :)

wow I thought the "demo" thing was just a bit, but I'm super excited to hear more about this. Definitely one of my favorites from the whole demo disc

The long awaited glitch showcase! lol

Make sure to turn on closed captions

Thanks! This was a fun one

I run games and this one turned out to be pretty interesting. Turn on the subtitles to get my commentary :)

I've been playing this game a lot recently. Definitely a gem. Feels like there's so much to find.

Here's a map I pieced together!

Level 1-1 Map

Find all the boys!

Looks like that worked! Thanks

Hi, how do I wipe my save? I re-downloaded it and deleted the old files but it still pulls my saves from somewhere

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I really enjoyed the casual playthrough and now I'm running it! Probably my favorite out of gmtk 2019

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I'm enjoying running this game so far! I started a few days ago and I'm close to getting under a minute. There are a couple interesting skips and optimizations

Here's my PB! I'm gonna chip away at it and hopefully get a good time soon lol

(also the video's kinda loud bc I didn't level it right)