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How come this game has suddenly become paid when it used to be free?

Oh no, the linux build thing was not about the demo. No rush. Just asking for maybe the final build or when you have time after everything is done or something.


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I really like the feeling the game gives me, but because I'm so tired all the time, even this is too hard for me. I wish there was some kind of relax mode so I could just use this to relax, instead of having to really focus.

If you do, could you also add it to the demo so I know this game is for me before I spend my money on it? Because I barely have enough money to live from as it is..

Also, if it's not too much trouble for you, maybe a linux version as well?

A Linux version would be nice, if you have time.

This game looks really cool. Is it also available in English?

Let's see if I can get that script to work.

That would be great!

Good idea! It would be nice to have a GOG relase of this game too.

Me too.