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incredible work!

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Wow. This game has the protential for commercial release I believe.

I liked the concept. I've been a big fan of your jam games. Here are some random ideas about it. Hopefully they can help make it better.

1) UI : How did I get my electricity? I think UI missed that part. 

     And at start the resource icons are a bit clueless for me. The food cans and the machine parts look alike.

2) Challenge balance:  The threat seems not so imminent. Maybe the food consumption rate is a little bit two low so that I only need to focus on which goods to bring back. And the raid never harms me. So my experience is like "more about loot choices rather than surviving". I think 13 Jellyfish is way too hard, but this one may be way too easy. I wonder if making the pace a little bit quicker will make the game more intense.

3) Progress: I finished the game with tier 2 automobile, one building missing and electricity seemingly pop out of nowhere. Perhaps you don't have enough time / people to finish it this time? 

Anyway the quality is quite good and I like it overall. Just can't help thinking about how to make it better.

Btw, have you guys published any commercial  game? I'd like to play them!

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Previously I only knew one thing or two about machine learning and neural network. The Evolution game instantly gives me intuition about genetic algorithms. Good job!