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can some help me if yall know all the 6 Answer in Delivery delimma 

where Can i get The Barley 

Do someone have some Guide 

okay 馃憣

Its Been 7 month since the last Update with is in March 31 when is the next Update

When i saw This i Chech the 0age but i didnt see the Update Im Going to Wait i hope theres a New Route for Gilbert

oh Okay i Played the new Build But its still the same build I've played 4 Month ago

i want some Guide Please Can someone Gave me some Guide

can i have some Guide please馃槶馃槶馃檹

can i Have some Guide 

How do i play this in android

Is its Bara/yaoi?

OMO OMO New Yey means New daddy

Can yall gave me some Guide and Password to馃槶

Im still stuck at Day 6 please help me Huhu

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Do you Guys know in Dean Route Password I got The bad Ending i think I missed something But i cant still figured out where is it

Unnie or hyeongje when is the Next Update馃槶

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When is the next Update?

And Hey in Uzur or Uruz i cant see some Botton to move or to attack Btw using Android Demo 

Im dumb its Just Released in 9 days Ago but in my Mind Saying when is the nexts Update Btw thank you for Jishu Kyaaaaaa

Hii Can i ask I found This game like 4 month ago can i ask Is this Have like Boy X boy Theme like That

when is the English Version??

When is the english Version

When is the Next Update馃槶馃槶

How Can i play this in Android?

what Yes?

Dawn Chorus communityCreated a new topic Just asking
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who is The main Character? Or The main Role Here?

Who is the Bottom and Top?

I think I Cant Bought this Waaaah if this Free Please Be Free

Can't wait for more Please More Update馃檹馃檹

I want to Play This in My android Phoner

Is this Completed???

its been a Days Since the last update 

Choose the the 2nd option the  Option with the (Lie) so you can do the suspicious quest and then Choose the Faint 

Can i ask Who is The Male lead Here

When is the next Update??..

I finished The Game once again

when is the Next Update 

Can i ask is there any sex scenes

yeah sorry 

oh Yeah Im The Namjeunkim In your discord server