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 find the praharma in akra how do i even finish this task bruh

you need to wait in 70 days

even if all the people vote for einer you still gonna stuck in cave so yeah

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【Snow Village's election】

-You can trigger this event 3 days later after have asked Jorgen about the missing horse and helped Einar with the final organization before the election.

Currently completing this event will let you be soft-locked and unable to leave, so please be prepared to save in advance.

how to trigger this event?? i cant seems find it 

can someone help me with the whispering hollow riddles

can someone help me How to fix This My saved Files is Not Workung😭😭 its V0.52 Saved Files

i want to Play this in android

Can someone Help me How to Finish This Quest??

Where can i find this and what is the name of this Things?

Its A Level

I hope One day This Game Is Gonna Be Completed Now Because i wanna see the Story and the ending Of there Love story

Is it Yaoi?

bruh is That Sileo??



Hey Fish How to Use Save editor or Cheat

The Main story was short????

Thats All??

i want to play this on my Android 

English Translation please

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  • Can someone help how to Finish lacchus Task

DR means?

Guilded Hearts community · Created a new topic Hi

hiii How can i play this on Android

Its Been month since the last Update when is the next Update? 

im Playing the android Version and How can i Use Cheat Engine Android for Robin morninghood

Umm Mr. Caro how to fix this please help me

ohh damm that suck but okay then 👍👍

android Version Please I wanna play this 

Android please

Android Please

Yey new update❤❤❤❤

I want to play this in Android Great VN

I hope theres an Android Version

Update please 

when is the next update 

please😟😟😟😟 Can you drop the link