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Also, does anyone know if this update can use old saves or not?

Does anyone know if and where there's a change log? I'm curious to read what's new

It should be saved in a folder somewhere. From memory, I think it saves somewhere in the folders the executable lives in. If not, check appdata. Then you just copy and paste that. The files look like "dandy_0.bin" "dandy_1.bin" etc. The config file should be in there too

also I really really appreciate all the clothing, etc., cause I don't feel comfortable cross-dressing irl, but I still want to. I feel happy making my character cute :)

finally, a H game where it feels properly consensual; I can actually say no.

Patreon build has more content. ie the stories go beyond where the demo ends. I think its worth getting the patreon build if you enjoy the demo

ye im pretty much all the way through and there's none, so that guarantee holds true

yeah that and also, for prim maxy and Charlotte there are a few you have to get by chance in the shower

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Ah, then just a coincidence

Staw, is Layla's costume design and character design at all based on Naomi Wu?

The underwear up like that and her pants remind me heavily of the righthand character. That and the red hair and Naomi being majorly technology related. (and also something else)

there is one on the discord :)

so you can self-insert

hey, you're downloading an unfinished game, major changes will happen, you signed up for this

I think its supposed to be the whole "do you believe in second chances" thing; you're getting a second chance. though I dont think it was communicated too well; it just annoyed me because I thought it crashing meant I mightve lost progress

wait you telling me gia has a storyline? I mustn't be up to that yet

play their story. check in the little heart menu and you can see what activities you can do with different girls

I havent tried, but the save file, for Android, is located internal storage\Android\lucky.paradox\files\saves

could try copying that into the save location on pc; I doubt the dev uses a different save format per platform

if you decided you dont want to edit it; you do end up with an excess of money somewhat soon on, so you can just hold out if you prefer

yeah honestly do not attempt this with any sort of touch controls. if you arent on pc, get an xbox controller and connect it to your phone. even then I struggled to beat them all

a historical artefact


Does the tent not show up when you talk to the hiking store owner?