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That is curious. Hexes are inherently connected with isometry. A hexagon is basically an isometric projection of a cube.

Hi, SinJackle! When I update it next time, I will add an mp3 version. As of now you can use a free app, called Audacity, to re-encode and edit these effects.

The preview doesn't work in Firefox. Shows vertical bars red-green-blue bars. Why not include a static screenshot?

Well done anims! I will use them for several time travel spells in my game.

Again. The cave background matching these characters is not included :( I wanted to use them as NPC placeholder, but they need some bg.

Why the tombstones background is not included?

The art on the previews has this oldschool feel, but the tiles are a bit too big for the characters. Especially these boxes, gravestones and altars with giant skulls stand out. I think it would looks order of magnitude nicer if you downscales tiles to match the characters.

How would one verify the asset purchase agreement without a site like I.e. somebody wires you money, outside of itch, and makes a game with these assets. Now there were cases of some authors (notably the self pronounced trololo meme author) blackmailing Steam gamedev and frightening with DMCA to extort money. That works against small devs. But if you have purchased the assets at itch, it is as easy as contacting support to deflect the bogus DMCA claim, while with outside transactions it is much harder, without a proper signed contract (even in that case one composer got mad and DMCA'd the project, despite they not using the composer's music in the release). In this light you suggesting people to contact you by email looks strange. That is why we have asset stores in the first place.

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The character sprites are around 400x400. Purchased it as part of a pack. Wont be of much use for me (beside the flamethrower anim), but the art is okay and in high dimension.


Yeah. You need Photoshop to make any use of this. In fact the exact version of Photoshop the author has used (otherwise layer effects will be botched). If you have no Photoshop, then sorry, you have just wasted your money. No pngs or anything pre-rendered included included.

So for a commercial projects one is required sign some profit-share contract (i.e. to be on US soil and have a lawyer)? If that is so, then it sounds like too much for a small indie projects. Since you don't have a separate license at, there is no service to guarantee the license purchase, and people will need to have their own lawyers. Also, IIRC specifying alternative selling venue breaks ToS, due to numerous reasons.

Cool slime with a lot of character!

Greetings, comrade! Really good tileset. Especially the palette. Conveys the spirit of Russia with the stalinist precision.

--fellow Soviet citizen

I'm not Ubisoft to DMCA anyone.

I'm not rude, I'm just warning people it can be unsafe to use assets derived from the Ubisoft property.

Wow! That is one crazy license! So it forbids adapting the font for the game? Even recoloring it to say match the title screen palette? Because how else can you modify a font?

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Is it the same Terminus as the default Linux console font? O_o Because I remember the Linux font being larger and less stylized.BTW, your fonts also look nice vectorized for higher res :D

I'm dead sure the author has plagiarized a few items from HoMM3. I doubt UBI soft will sue small projects, but DMCA takedowns are not a joke either. Use with care. I'm also ashamed my Russian compatriots cant come with something original and steal designs :(

Beautiful! Reminds me of Ogre Battle.

Can these be used in a game I will sell at The smoke sprite can be useful in my game. BTW what happened to the Explosion Pack 1? Or it is just a version number?

The game looks cool. But why the map is diamond-shaped while the world is made out of hexagons? So many playable factions can be a bit too hard to balance and can be confusing for the player.

Are you sure you can make commercial games with it? The license author has picked allows only non-commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 International
I.e. you can only place it in your house in a frame in a non-modified form.

Your license is "Creative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 International"
I.e. it forbids to make any derivative works with these assets or use them commercially. Basically it allows nothing.

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Ok. It opens with the PlayOnMac Wine (but not with the Brew Wine). Unfortunately png and gif export don't work (wine doesn't provide the extension), so it is useless. Although it works flawlessly in VirtualBox with actual Windows 7.

Why do these mossy derelict ships have perfect white sails?

Smear FX community · Created a new topic Wine on OSX/Linux

Has anyone tried with Wine on OSX or Linux?

Many thanks!

Juice FX community · Created a new topic No OSX version?


You can publish it separately in something Blender can import. Like FBX, OBJ or 3ds. Blender is free and allow export to all kind of formats. I personally need a 3d balloon model to modify and render into an isometric sprite for my game.

Does it include that 3d model for the AirShip?

The preview is not loading. Probably bug.

Is that generated by a neural net?

Wonderful! I will use it as a magician in my game. Have to edit it a bit adding a spellcasting animation though :D

The knight is cool, but I already have one. BTW, your latest projects look fun. Especially that Indiana Jones rogue-like. Would be nice to see a proper game in the setting, maybe with Nethack influences, and random puzzles like picking the real Holy Grail.

Hi! Have you finished the character?

Hi! That is some ancient long obsolete version somebody forked. Newer
version was at my github account, which got banned since I used one of
the repositories for a WIP book about my life in Russia, which also
criticized America, Trump and American immigration policies with
deportation of Mexicans. Some alt-rights reported it and whole account
got banned.

For now Symta is still a work in progress. Game development has shown
that many improvements can be done, especially in the scoping
department. It was originally published mainly to get some feedback
from programmers, not for actual practical use. BTW, Symta is not APL
based, but Common Lisp based. So if you're familiar with CL, Clojure
or Scheme, I would be glad to hear some criticism on them and possible
areas of improvement.

-- Regards,
Nikita Sadkov

Cool! I made head a bit more menacing to fit my game's artstyle and also removed excessive idle-anim wobbling.  The sprite has one problem - it is longer from the back than from the front, as if it was rendered different camera setting. So I had to fix it.

Cool. I've edited  a bit for my game :D

Hi! You've put wrong description. warlock and ghost are from your fantasy pack :P