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hi! Fhffhssgg thank you for asking— I haven't, but I still do plan to finish! It's just that I'm on my last "studying" semester so I have put this on hiatus until I'm done with all my exams!

I redid quite a bit of things between when I uploaded for nanoreno and now, though! I'm hoping to finish the revamped version of the first part by September/October ^^

Aah, I'm glad the story wasn't boring (or overly confusing; I'm working on that)! I admit I should've at least updated the first NaNoRenO version with something with music, but I wanted to at least finish the arts for them-- and it's taking longer than I expected. Apologies for that! My friend did make some OST tracks for it, though-- I hope the experience was good enough to make checking the future polished demo worth re-reading?

Thank you very much, though! :D

I haven't played it yet, but off the bat the Strange Woman's dialogue in the screenshot is cracking me up... CARRY MY BODY TO THE GRAVE, BRIAR. My hero.