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Why did he do that for?

Whose blood was it?

She was fast, couldn't outrun her

Idk why but it felt scary.

Man that was long.

A bit late but

I think i found 5 coins and the secret place, i will update the video soon

It is a nice game but i don't know if some things are not there since i only played the browser version

That is a lot of space under the house.

Hope I did not miss anything.

I thought it had different endings for some reason.

That was a bad time for the paralysis to occur

I think it was buggy in the web version

That skull message came so suddenly.

Your welcome

Bad end for all choices. Had hope for the last ending.

At first I thought the game was a loop.
When I saw the blood ,I understood that it wasn't.
I kind of didn't understand the end

Was it supposed to form a face? I think my screen was not good then.

Well that was a good foundation for making a scary game


What happened at the end?

The black thing scares me in each gameplay

I thought I could buy the skateboard

Felt goose bumps when I saw the thing for some reason

I thought I had to play the game again when I died first

Did not expect that end

That ice was getting on my nerves

Nice Game overview like with the hp, restarting function and all

Was trying to move left when I noticed the noose.

Took me a while to understand some part, luck played some part in it

I wonder what was the use of the candy?

The last part was a bit sad

Waiting for the rest

So did I miss anything?

So what happened to the neighbour, the loud music guy ?

The hairball was a bad choice

A good story.

Best of luck and happy Christmas

Took a while to understand what the problem was

I played in browser so a bit laggy