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I thought I could buy the skateboard

Felt goose bumps when I saw the thing for some reason

I thought I had to play the game again when I died first

Did not expect that end

That ice was getting on my nerves

Nice Game overview like with the hp, restarting function and all

Was trying to move left when I noticed the noose.

Took me a while to understand some part, luck played some part in it

I wonder what was the use of the candy?

The last part was a bit sad

Waiting for the rest

So did I miss anything?

So what happened to the neighbour, the loud music guy ?

The hairball was a bad choice

A good story.

Best of luck and happy Christmas

Took a while to understand what the problem was

I played in browser so a bit laggy

Did I miss any ?

Your welcome

Didn't expect the last part

Steven is a brave cat .

Didn't even get affected by the dog

A sad nice game

Nice game 

I also want to say a thing about a bug (probably because I used the web version ), like sometimes when you jump to the light ,the wolf will keep on floating in another direction.

I can post the video if you want

Didn't expect the end

I did not know what to do with the waffles

just move your mouse very fast

A bit shy now, so maybe in the future I will try to speak in videos

Well have fun making games ❤️

At the end I was like "what ?"

I usually play the browser versions so I did not know about it,


Its my first time installing and the thing is the file downloaded was a winrar zip file.

How to play the game

So how is it

All fixed

I think

For those who wants to see the game.

(1 edit)

I get scared easily ,so I played like I can


I just got bored

Nice game , took a while to complete a level

Nice game, got confused in the middle