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Hey! I believe I do! Did I speak to you on the Neovaii - Chase Pop video? :o

That would be much appreciated! ^^

Hi, I'm actually English (and can't speak Russian). This was translated for me by some very kind people who enjoyed it (princess of the dawn and Шинсо Хитоши). There aren't any characters that fit those descriptions per se but I'd be interested in hearing you voicing the MC maybe?

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Yeah, I’ve used K_Kisekae2 for the sprites in the alpha build. I’ve credited all images, sfx, and music in a .txt file within the game folder. 

Edit: That website is NSFW. 

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After only pointing out some bugs, I would also like to say I'd enjoyed the game so far. The vibes are peculiar, shades of hope mixed with impending doom. It has me interested so far.

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Some of the text outside his house is above the black square. The glitch lady's is blurred there too.
On the train, the glitch's text goes into the far right corner and you have to scroll all the way out to read it.
In work, the text of different people layer into gibberish. 
I had completed a week and now I have to start from the beginning. 

Thanks for giving it a try and for the feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed it so far. :3