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Sure, otherwise will start also with the "LucasFilm" 

Good game but couldn't finish

so scary to me :c

I almost cry, T_T so beautiful ending and sweet, i'm glad at least she have his father back

I LOVE IT, so cute :3

(~˘▾˘)~ It reminds me a lot the story of "Simbiosis" and "Signalis" Pretty similar, lovers, dead, androids, research, wow. I seriously didn't expect those details, pretty awesome and amazing job!

I got 7 endings and a true one that let me speechless, oh my... what a story!

Nice game!, Check out what I found: 

it seems everyone has a different version of the game, so I share mine!

I did play it now, heh. I understand it, pretty hard.

I want to play, but I can't :C

LOVE IT. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cool, Don't give up, it's an amazing work.

lol, seem funny, Will give a try

oh... i'll try

What a beautiful game, story, drawings, everything was so magical, sadly, but beautiful, I wish it never end, But I'm glad, I almost cried, 🫶 beautiful art and all.


I hope it's not scary, I'll give a try

Finally I can play it! seem fun

Cool, I like it


ohh, I couldn't hear, At least you got noise

Scary... Mostly now knowing what would happen next or where the plants came from, i thought it was an apocalyptic end she was In and getting mad.

I want to play it but just see a Black Screen after a loading ghost.

Cool, seem interesting, I like the drawing and the Idea you are getting, I hope it would be a nice and interesting Story, seem like Mexican style to me? Well, Spanish, baroque Style


Hello! to you whom it's reading my words, I really play the game and love it, I got sad when I went to sleep; (even if she told me she was restless), I didn't knew it will be the end just like that,  I don't know it's there more or anything else behind, But I was expecting more story and stuff, like buying things with the money we receive from payment, (Actually, I don't know if we can, haven't explore that yet) But love it all, it has been a nice game, Thank you for reading and the game!



When it will be released, the complete game? I LOVE IT! Pretty interesting, now I want to continue lol, but well... it was a demo, nice job!

It's just a tap game :o

beautiful art, love it!

I love how it looks, seem pretty interesting, everything looks perfect and ... scary. O.O 

It will be hard to play but worthy!

Love it, but there it's no end? Or mushroom queen? 

Does someone know if there is any interaction behind walking around?

Wich one I use then?

love it. 5 / 5

I can't open it when Download.

Cool, Love it

Seems heavy. I like the art and game, but not horror, still wanna play tho. but scared 

seems interesting

Oh, Oka, thanks