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I love the game, i bought it on Steam! I really like the characters and the art, my favorite so far is Jack, though, I've tried so many times and the only ending i've gotten when I try his route is "King's end" and I just can't seem to get any of his endings, can I get some kind of a clue as to how to get them? I'm completly clueless ;-; Anyways, I really enjoyed the story! Congratulations on completing it!

I loved the demo! You really left me hanging... Can't wait for the full game! This is definetly going to be worth the wait and my money! <3

I've been waiting for this ever since I played the first part and I loved it! It was worth the wait... Congratulations on completing it! It was amazing, loved the art! <3 

Hey <3 I loved the game, it was very interesting! I liked the sprites a lot, congratulations on completing it!!!  However i was curious as to how many love interest are in the game...? Anyways, i enjoyed it a lot! :)