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many useful tools can fit in there. love it!


This is outstanding! I cannot believe my favorite game has been recreated in such detail, on... PICO-8, of all things. Mind is blown.

I have but one question however. You say that you got all the models from the Mega Drive version of the game... could you shoot me any tools or tips that could help me do the same? I want to use them for animations, not my own games, but I have no clue where to start.

You also mentioned Blender, which I do have. (Tools that work with Linux are sparse. Tools made for Linux are even more sparse.)

I hope I'm not wasting any of your time in asking this.


Me too...

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The graphics remind me a lot of the Chris Sawyer games, notably the RCT games. And that's an aesthetic I am TOTALLY into.

I must ask, does a 32-bit version of Linux work, and, if not, will there be a 32 bit version in the future? This is a great tool!

Maybe so they could work on Superpowers.

huh, maybe it was maintenance or something. Will report back with status. Its past midnight here rn. 😟

Is the engine dead? I get stuck on the Checking for Updates screen. :(