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Ooh I had fun playing this! I like the gameplay concepts and how they're introduced! Narrative is at that perfect level where it is not too overdone or not too bad. Works well for the game! Great job on this!

The only critic I have is that the game is long enough for me to warrant a save feature :)

Looks really colorful and pretty! Overall solid fun game! I love the bomb effect! :)

Some minor critic I have is:

- It is not clear what is the point of the game; I was thinking I had to reach somewhere to complete a map while the square foes keep spawning to kill me

- All the bars could be smaller; they take up too much screen for my taste (perhaps no borders?)

- Where's the score bar?

- Not sure If I like the screen shake thing when you try to move;

- Also, you might want to include a epilepsy/seizure warning on this page..

This is good progress! The 'swipe' animation feels a bit off colour-wise since it does not have the same border as the main character (or perhaps the otherway round? character's border are the same as colour of the road); Not sure if 'swipe' is temporary but I would add in a 'downward' swipe animation (flipped vertically basically) to give feel of hitting with other hand and see what it feels like.

Any updates on this? I love the art!

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  • Controls were really fluid and felt awesome
  • Sprites felt too small to notice the detail in them which I felt was a plus point for this game
  • I liked the variety of enemies and AI in general
  • Game might feel too easy with both double jump and infinite grapple for regular platformers;
  • Definitely needs some work on physics
  • I managed to get myself stuck in a corner with grapple gun in the boss fight;
  • At places, I could shoot through the walls.
  • Bullets could use a better sprite to make them more visible against background

Interesting concept.. I see some potential in this being turned to a great horror based puzzle game. Don't give up! 
Please write up some description and screenshots on game page and also add some directions on how to play. That will increase the chances of people trying out your game!

Great game! 

Love the pixel art; That dithered background creates nice feel to the environment!

I love the main character and its cheeriness! May need to polish it a bit so that stray bars don't show up but otherwise love the transition effect; 

The Color and environment change do convey which season it is but some sort of visual indicator on the hud showing the weather cycle would help. 

This is a cool concept; Simply love the groovy music! :) 
Like the clean interface and cute little sprites

This feels like a minigame to me currently rather than a dungeon crawler. I'd love to see some sort of 'battle' mode where you fight the monster you encounter;
In my opinion, that is what is missing from the gameplay. (And I understand that those might not be your future plans for this and what I'm asking would require a lot of development; Like I said it is just my opinion :) )

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Good game! I too liked the floatiness of the character and responsiveness feels good; I love the graphics! they give me vibes of being on Mars-like planet :)

One little change i'd say is to give a visual indication of when 'float' starts, you could have the character as 'deflated' (perhaps animation exaggeration concept) when jumping up and then 'inflate' (what it looks like right now) it when falling down

Also, footstep sound is tad too sharp for my taste :)

Fun game! I like the mechanic! Animations and gameplay felt smooth in gameplay; Menus and its buttons are not working properly; I somehow managed to restart the starting cutscene again in the first scene..

Nice game! I love the music; It really sets a cheery tone to the game. I like the idea of adding 'magic' to recipes! Fun ingredients (I hope there are more!) :)

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Good fun game! Enjoyed solving the puzzle :)

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Overall a really good demo and it shows that lot of effort has been put into it. 
My honest feedback would be that you need to think more about gamer experience and how they feel when they're playing your game. Another thing is you need to polish out a lot of things. It might feel like they're minor things but they contribute to overall gameplay experience. Please take the criticism postively; this is a great attempt at making a game and I hope you continue to make this.
Here are some of the things that I found you could improve:

1. Inconsistent art in the game; For example, in intro, some scenes are 2D, some are 3D.  This breaks continuity and makes the game look unpolished. Those weird red blob enemies look out of place. Make all the art in the game 'feel' as if part of the environment.

2.  Instead of asking to press enter, associate tutorial steps with actually doing the stuff mentioned and detect it. For e.g. if you're saying that 'Left Ctrl' is used to crouch, resume the game once user has pressed those buttons.  Also, button's name is 'Skip' which confuses the player whether you want to skip the tutorial or does it mean resume the game?

3. Needs more animation frames to make animations look smooth. e.g. Crouching

4. 'Store' (or 'Inventory'; that's the general term) needs better interface; I didn't realize where the health upgrade was until I closely looked at it.

5. Camera moves too slow compared to some of the actions. Your character goes out of screen when performing actions like falling or running at couple of places.

Try playing some other platformer games on here so that you get a feel of what it should feel like.

Good luck!