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Looks like the un-mythological real life got me extremely busy these past days and I couldn't find time to work on my game. Thus I have to leave. Too bad cause it was a huge opportunity... I will not rest though, I will deliver what I said and I hope for your next Jam! Good luck!

Well well well, what a pleasant surprise! Greek history/mythology is something with unlimited potentials to create or retell an idea-story, though in video game history we have less games from that period than WW2 based ones. Let's change that and let's hope this jam will find it's way to live it's own myth in the indie dev mythology.

You will get something from me, a narration of the Orpheas & Euridiki myth, where Orpheas goes to the Underworld to claim back his lover, Euridiki who was kidnaped by Pluto. A metroidvania style game, where we will help both of the characters ascend to Gaia (earth) with a nice and fresh gameplay mechanic I'm working on.

I hope we will see tons of entries in this jam and spend lots of fun time on creating or playing any of them!

Good luck from a fellow Greek developer!

P.S. Yes, I am greek, living in Greece and I know this myth by heart, so I'm expecting all of you to embarass me with your creations ;P