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The Disco Elysium world's equivalent of the Space Race would be such a cool idea to explore in a game...

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Strong Disco Elysium energy in the presentation, really loving this genre of no-choice/minimal-choice narrative games

No worries, it's super cool as it is :D

I have literally wanted to do something like this for so long, although my project became a simulated google drive rather than a simulated bbs :D

Is there any way to get registered and access the rest of the games/files etc?

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The desktop thing is quite frankly amazing. I'd really hope to get an open source version of just the code, no art assets etc to play with. Also, of course, stripping out some of the OOC/GM only widgets to get a player version would be very cool :D

the vibes are impeccable. I am intrigued

This is really cool. The worldbuilding, the biological creepiness and financial desperation mixing together, the visuals and the design... It's so good.

Haha, thanks, this was a thought experiment more than anything. Your entry gives similar vibes I think xD

Hey, just to let you know that I updated the example of play!

It's a lovely concept, although I can't access the pastebins

good shit. (This comment ensorcelled and carved into stone by a licensed Wizard TM)

I've updated the Game of Change pdfs, please let me know if that helps!

Hey, thanks for checking it out! I'll fix that and push an updated pdf.

Hey, yeah that's definitely a mistake, it should be INT. (This is a very old game that I have not looked at in quite a while, hence why I made it PWYW haha)

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A beautiful collection of a few of the subtle and loathsome injuries we as a society inflict on the least of our ranks.

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The presentation is on point and the thematic coherence makes this a really cool/unique experience!

Reminds me of the game of Azad in the Player of Games by Ian M Banks!

Incredibly stylish and immersive!

Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I tried the game out and the tactile manipulation of the electronics felt really awesome. I hope you keep trying to make the game!

Thanks for letting me know!

Just as a resource for people hacking, and to be sure what game text is usable.

I love such conceits and metafictional designs. It's so close to being perfectly of its time but that one anachronism stands out... (I'm sure you put it in intentionally) I also wish there were more of an implied narrative, but c'est la vie.

On the other hand, I can't say my perspective drawing skills will be improved much.

I like it, it feels... comfy.

The grading is what did it for me.

Love the interface design :D

Dude, this is sick!

Damn this does the ItO aesthetic perfectly. Good job!

Hey, thanks! I hope you found it interesting/worth a laugh!

Ngl I saw the thumbnail and read "Boss Babble" xD

Lovely, striking design!

Ah, thanks a bunch!

Hey, do you have a translation of the old english (?) poem you're quoting/using? I'm really interested now xD

To be fair, if you showed me a clean humanist sans serif on a pure colour background with simple graphics I'd go for Helvetica basically 100% of the time xD

Oh lord, corporate design used for RPGs. Is the font Helvetica? (This is great btw)

Hey, these were helpful for some prototyping, thanks!

This. Is. Amazing.

Reminds me of a shrunk-down version of Cobwebs?

Beautiful graphic design!

This looks really, really cool!

Hey, torches are used to avoid losing HP when you roll 3 on the Events table. 3 in 6 means that you succeed if you roll 3, 2, or 1. 4 in 6 means you succeed if you roll 4, 3, 2, or 1. Thanks for playing!