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Yes it will be story and more levels. Thx for comment and sorry for late replay.

Nice game :)

Great pixel art :)

Great game with great pixel art! :)

Great idea for the game! :)

Very cool game!

Yes, thank you. It will be more that kind games.

That is so great to make something new or new type of the game. I really like your idea and you can add more enemies, weapons etc. :)

Thank you :)

This game is so cool and unique. :)

Wow very nice game. And you can add more props inside rooms. :)

Thank you and I also rate your games with 5 stars. I wish same to you to follow your dreams and to make more great games.

Great racing game. Well done!!!

Very nice classic game :)

Thank you so much. :)

Thank you so much.

You are welcome. I am already try some of your games and they are great. No need sorry, I am happy that you appreciate my advice and I hope that can help you. I am follow you here and I hope you can follow me back ? Btw if you are interested we can work togheter and help each other with games and try to make some new and advanced games.

This game is so great and unique. It put family on the first place. :)

Wow this is a great game! :)


Nice animation :)

Nice. How can I contact you?

Nice game but not use red color or strong contrast as background because that is bad for eyes and it will make players less intersted to play game.

Cool game. If you need more langauges, we will help you. :)

Nice game :)

Very nice game :)