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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions, they are very helpful.  Yeah, maybe you are right, I need to release the full version asap and I'm preparing for the release too. let's discuss more in Discord.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, you are  very careful, I think many people may have the same question.

-Why is the game's release date on Steam showing April 1, 2021

It's a long story about why the game's release date on Steam showing April 1, 2021, but in short, because I didn’t plan to publish this game myself before, instead, I gave the game to a publishing company (my friend’s company), and in early 2021, the publishing company created this page in order to participate in a festival event on Steam at that time. and we just offer a demo for a week in the Fest. I think my friend set a release date in order to pass the festival's request, after that, the plan of their publishing this game on Steam changed, so you see the “April 1, 2021, Release” shown on the current page, but so far, I have never released a full version.

-What is the limit for the Demo?

You will play the first 9 chapters in the Demo. I think there is no limit for the Demo.

-When to release the full version?

This year, I just took back the publishing rights of this game from my friend's company because I don't think they're doing a good job of promoting my game. I may learn to publish it myself or search for a better publisher (the previous one is more likely). I did have an option to publish the full version on June 1st, but I feel like I need to get some things done and free up my energy to focus on releasing my game. I'm still undecided, but I think I'll make the decision very soon.

-Have u translated everything into English from Chinese or vice versa? Have u done it yourself or hired somebody?

Yes, I translated it myself. (I'm still improving my English, so please let me know if you think the translation is inaccurate, I will be very grateful)

-Can I ask you to play our game as well and leave some feedback? 

Sure, I will go to have a try. 

Thank you so much for your video.

Thank you so much for the videos!

Thank you, my pleasure.



Oh Cool! That would be amazing and I would highly appreciate it.

Hey,  you can download the demo on Steam, here is the link:  , any feedback is appreciated!