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I loved the game, it has a great concept and really interesting story telling! I played through chapter 1 and 2 and can't wait to play more of it :)

P.S~ If anyone wants to see the gameplay they can here:

the game was beautiful. from the art style to the music to the teeny tiny moments where there's audio, it all takes me to a really happy mood and makes me want to play more and more. I made a gameplay on it and found 2 endings and it felt amazing to find the other ~

It's a really deep yet adorable game with a great moral! I loved doing a play through of this and it really helps in passing time well :)

Here's a full gameplay~

Its a great short indie game with a really interesting and complex story and unfurls really great :D

It's Christmas Eve! And what better way to celebrate it by another Indie game?! It was really fun and weird, which is perfect for an indie game! I hope Lily liked her surprise! :D
P.S~ I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays!🎄

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