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A member registered Mar 23, 2022

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Some bug reports/ideas by me :D

-please buff helicopters - this changes the game where having 10 tanks is an achievement to the game where it's not hard to get 100+ tanks and a similar amount of lifes. Maybe 1) make helicopters to not crash into each other, 2) make them harder to kill - either longer cooldowns of pickle jars, or having to have some interaction (aiming at them?), 3) make smaller reward for killing them

-when a pickle jar is thrown at helicopter, but the helicopter dies (crashes with another helicopter) before pickle jar reaches it, the pickle jar rotates in the air indefinitely

-it seems that the only non-destructible items are player's house, player's shed, everything behind the border.. and hay bales

-sometimes the heart (from a destroyed helicopter) is behind the border or in the air - not reachable by tractor, should be despawned

-moving through the area with a low of sunflowers creates a lag - maybe some optimization, as the sunflowers doesn't interact with anything?