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Oye amigo no corre, me da un error

No, i don't get any kind of message, it just closes 1 second upon clicking it

Needs a seizure warning

It doesn't run

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Crashes when you interact with the crates

also, why does it say 12/15 tapes? when did that happen and how to get the other 3?

hello i am sorry, i figured out the problem, i was just being dumb!

I'm stuck!

i will only say it's not very intuitive, i think that's my only qualm with it, otherwise it's a good game for a little self contained thing

a year late but this person is an idiot, and transphobic, so don't even bother with them

Interesting game, would have enjoyed a little more content but the art work in itself was fantastic

you're welcome, i hope your next game is more accessible :)

I hate games with chase scenes so sadly I couldn't get very far due to my poor motor skills but this was a very interesting concept! I hope you get far making games!

The basement is giving me so much trouble I can't figure it out


I have to agree with everyone else's criticism. This game is too slow, and for my lack of patience that did a work. I think it builds up tension well but the long waits made me lose it, along with the interest for the game. 


The game is not bad, but the constant flashing lights and blinking text caused me to become unable to look at it and get a migraine. It's not very accessible for people with photophobia and or epilepsy.

This was straight up weird .. but i appreciate it

i would appreciate if the walking was faster, otherwise its such a good game, it unnerved me