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It's fun and all, but unless there's a way to reduce the cop speed this feels borderline impossible. Even if I have three eyes of blue I'm going to end up missing one eventually. Also what are those random symbols that show up from time to time? I'm so used to clicker type games where those are bonuses or something you can get randomly. Yes I could focus on greens first, then yellows then blues or something, but the police growth rate makes it feel unattainable.

Wow Okay I'm obviously really late to say this, but why was it so hard to see the things I needed to click on for upgrades?

I know I just started, but after finding pages and finding the journal entry they unlock, I'm already hooked on finding more. Anyone know how many there are to collect total? I don't necessarily want to know where they are just yet, but if I knew how many to look for that'd probably help. And yeah, I looked at the map, but the stickers are a bit vague on this matter.

Are you positive most controllers work? I've tried a switch and a steam controller, and only certain buttons get recognized for some reason, so I'm going to have to assume it's only xbox and playstation controllers, and my playstation controller has the flimsiest connection known to man.

Turns out, I was misunderstanding what the lines around the numbers meant, because I thought they were the inner walls NOT the outer ones. I have no idea how I'd be able to tell the difference in retrospect, so I had the puzzle backwards the whole time.

Really fun to play, but I'm REALLY wishing the rotating four digit code bit had something that wrote down what you found like it did that three symbol code, because I've had to go through it multiple times despite drawing down each number with its lines and rotating them repeatedly, I still can't get the correct answer despite drawing them in paint and rotating them around.

Does the game not go on past line 3? Because I'm getting blank puzzles with set solutions that I have no way to complete.

What controller support was this specifically for? Because it seems like it's just assigning things at random and I can't get it to remap properly because it thinks there's input when there isn't.

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There really are only the two endings, huh? I guess that means it doesn't matter what I... oh that might be the point.

wait I did the math, title screen 0

days 1-7 ending 8 other ending 9 the heck is level 10 for?

The daytime segments were interesting enough in a psychological way, and the night segments were fairly interesting in an exploration based way... Of course I couldn't help but constantly wonder if I was doing something wrong while exploring, despite picking up what the game had asked of me. It was as if I was required to fail, despite taking every precaution... especially since no one told me that the security drones could open doors. I mean, I should have noticed it when it happened the first time and I was just barely able to escape, but I thought I must have just forgotten to do so when I went in the room. aaaand since I had no way of knowing which direction the security drone would look in first, I ended up hiding in the wrong corner, getting caught and wondering if I had actually done everything I could that night. 

The achivements are definitely an interesting way of directing the player at times, but since they don't always activate right away it's kind of hard to tell what you've done in a night. These are just personal issues, of course. I like to be a completionist and it bugs me whenever I can't do everything I can in a game. Especially since there isn't a save system so you have to do every chapter from the start whenever you want to try again.  But maybe that's the point?