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Good stuff, and I agree that the ending was great.

Oh wow, first of all, thank you very much for the help. I really appreciate it. But boy do I feel dumb for missing that; they were right there. Ah, well. Again, thanks a bunch.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing What else you’ve got.

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This is a neat little concept that feels like it could definitely be expanded on. My one big complaint is that, at least in the web version, the in game cursor lagged behind my actual mouse movements a lot, which made the whole thing harder than I felt like it should have been, and for the wrong reasons.

Edit: I thought of one more sort of criticism. With such tight timing, I needed to focus on the stuff on the screen I needed to interact with, which meant I rarely had the chance to read the flavor text on the top or really take in the enemy sprites.

But even with those, I still enjoyed myself and would be interested in seeing more.

The music and visuals were good, and so of course was the gameplay.I found myself surprisingly motivated to keep trying to see how far I could get (made it through 30 shapes before failing.)

One minor complaint, though: there were quite a few times where I clicked a shape right as another shape with fewer vertices appeared, and the previous one didn't count anymore.I wonder if it would be better to allow for a momentary buffer wherein the previous shape is still valid for cases like these. Granted, that may just be me wishing for an easier time.

Either way, good stuff

Very fun little game, took me a few tries, but I eventually won with a whopping one second to spare. I also appreciate how it feels kind of complete, I guess. The sprite is nice, and the background music adds to the atmosphere.

I liked this. These sort of infinite ascension type games appeal to me, and I liked the twist this one had in not allowing you to move left or right on your own.

Hey, I recently played this game and thought it was great, but there was one thing I couldn't quite figure out and have been unable to find any help with online, the Sisters quest.

I gather that one house with the colorful buttons that make various noises has something to do with it, but that's about as much as I've been able to figure out. Do I have to hit the buttons in a specific order? If so, how do I figure out that order, cause I've tried a few things that haven't seemed to work, some based on their colors and some based on the sounds they make.  Alternatively, do I actually have to meet the sisters elsewhere and then come to the house? If that's the case, where are they, cause I haven't found them. Or am I actually barking up the wrong tree entirely?

Anyway, thanks in advance to whoever answers (and I apologize if there's something super obvious I'm missing.)