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aside from some bugs, it is a neat idea. a few hints from a pro game dev because it is a missed opportunity for a commercial success, and i'm surprised that your profs did not help you in this regard, probably because they lack game design and production experience, or they didn't care? but even if the latter is true, you should care:
- flesh out the ui. illustrators are often bad ui designers. the ui is not abstract enough. the ui textures are too detailed. compare it to successful strategy game uis.
- it took me a few minutes to realize what and how to do it. ui could you some help here. bear in mind that ui design in the #2 priority for a strategy game, after game mechanics, but also in general.
- animation is key. you could spent a little more time on animations. and do not animate the borders, because the eye it is the major moving area of the whole game currently.
- be cautious about challenges. challenges/missions are good for rpg's, not open world strategy games. players tend then to focus only on your challenges and stop playing once you run out of challenges or if they become generic. an rpg has combat/story at least.
- 3 game designers + 1 pm, but only 2 coders, 2 artists, 1 ui and 1 sound? an indicator of bad project management and direction. next time focus on the artists and coders. be efficient. nobody cares about game designers or pm's of student projects anyway. game quality is all that matters at that stage.
- less text in the descriptions and quests. 90 % of players read 5-6 lines only. 
- the game is a little too close to a board game. you might have missed the opportunity for a video game here, guys, which goes especially to the game designers.
- as some youtubers pointed out. this game has lot of potential that you missed, so i will miss that point as it would lead to extensions or even a new game.
good luck! :)