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PNG; unless it would be better to save the output to SVG and then convert to PNG via Illustrator?

Hey Watabou!

Any possibility about increasing the output resolution of all maps to 300+dpi?

I love to pull in details on zoom for the large and extra large maps, but the detail on a zoom is horrendous.  



AWESOME!!! In thoughts on resolution control?  I agree that most cities for the medieval period are not massive like i am thinking (other than Rome), but I want to use it to create just a few Mega Cities for a couple of such sprawls in my Game System.  Which is why I ask about the resolution control is it possible to wretch up to 300 dpi?

Again you have create an amazing tool and I have using it to create the various cities of my World Campaign Book!!!


Great Tool, I was wondering how easy would it be to add an additional two sizes: X-large Cities and Mega-Cities that double and triple the size of the large city.  Would it also be possible to indicate the total number of Exiting Roads?

Love the tool.  Keep up the great work.