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En achetant la VF ou la VO tu pourras avoir le coupon pour avoir la VO en physique à prix coûtant. J'ai regardé, le lien semble toujours valide.

Est-ce que tu as rencontré un problème à ce niveau?

Hi! I'd love to!
Can you contact me on discord (nadg1d4) or by email (nadg dot ttrpg at gmail dot com) to sort the details?

Appologies for the late answer ;)

No secret in the game reveal the sequel sadly. But if you get stuck in the left-north corner until 14:65, you can find one. I did not manage to find any other.

Not yet, but in the meanwhile you can play "wait for devRat code watch paint flake off the wall with age", and I'd argue that's the next best thing

Wow, I love it!!!

Extremely cute bite-size game, perfect for when you have a little time on your hand

I loved The last tea shop, and I look forward to playing the extended version! This game is exactly the kind of cozy game I need in my life.

I'd love to translate it to french, to be able to play it with my communities. Would you be OK with that, and if so can we discuss our options?

I love this game!
It's a very sweet mix of post-apo and self discovery, with very clearly written rules for emotional safety. No preparation, a small maps, lots of cute prompts, it's the perfect thing to improvise a game!

Extremely cool game!
I played a dashing space pilot wanting to find some peace, who hoped to find some in a library she once went to. The library was crumbled and each book covered in pink cristals, but she found some at the end.

Dear reader wondering if this game is worth it: it is. Everybody talk about how great the game is in the other comments, you can go and read those instead. I myself can't wait to start

But can we talk for a second about the layout? Light text on dark and evocative pictures, a bold choice of colors and fonts, and it WORKs. Seriously, this game makes a cliche gothic font just... work like it's nothing.
The destructurated page layout makes me think of mork borg -OK, which destructurated page layout wouldn't? - and I love it.
And here comes the best part: the credit section informs you that IT. WAS. MADE. ON. POWERPOINT.

I'm truly in awe, both at the game desing and at the tenacity and spite needed to pull this of.
Dear author, congrats.

Not only did I won my soul back, but death and I had a good laugh over this game. Would recommend

Incroyable ce jeu, mon coup de coeur de l'année! Et on est en décembre, il y a eu de la concurrence!

Wow. I was expecting more exemple of dishes, and less in depth societal world building, but I'm all here for it. That's an extremely impressive work.
5 stars

Me: "I want a belonging outside belonging to play a mix of magical girls and cosmic horror, but surely that doesn't exist..."
Turned out, this was EXACTLY what I needed. I think the Lovers will especially resonate with one of my players, we will see how the game goes!

I'll probably update after a few sessions. I can't wait to start.

Great ! Let me know when you have time. It's perfectly OK if it's 3 months from now.

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Hey !

I saw this game last week while browsing the hermit club:
FOLDS SRD by Fleet Detrik (

It's very cool to see the differences between your two systems, from the same simple idea :D
I think your is more elegant in it's design, the other one looks like a d8 oracle with extra steps.

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Let's port this discussion to discord or maybe twitter?
[redacted contacts]

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I meant I had previously played, enjoyed and rated _grounding with tea_, and I had no idea I just stumbled upon you again. But I like random encounters of this kind, I wish I had more of them.

At this point, aren't we legally required to collaborate in a game or something? XD

And I know realise that you are the author of an other Solo TTRPG I like, grounding with tea.

You, my friend, have very good taste in games

Wait, I'm not the only one who wrote a gender-exploration  one-page second-guess-system solo-ttrpg ?
Dammit, other people have good ideas too XD

(actually we had different takes on the subject, it's so cool ! I like what you did !)

Après vérification, le modèle économique que j'utilise ne me permets pas de passer en euro à l'heure actuelle (rien a voir avec l'auteur, c'est la plateforme). Si tu as trop de frais de change, nous pouvons nous arranger pour que payes sans passer par :)

Le prix repassera en euro à partir d'octobre (c'est pour matcher exactement le prix de l'auteur sur les premiers mois). Des frais de change peuvent s'appliquer, mais ils dépendent de la banque utilisé.
Dans le doute je t'encourage à attendre, je vais voir avec l'auteur si il accepte que je le passe en euro immédiatement et pas dans trois jours :D

Incredible game, playable as a solo or as a group. The biologist in me can't wait to play it, everything seems grounded and realistic, while still giving you an incredible diversity.

Buy it, you won't regret this.

Also, I'm looking for games to translate in french, and I'd love to make this one available for my french solo RPG community. Could we discuss this maybe?

This is just what I needed. Thank you so much ! 5 stars for the community copy, but mostly because it's worth it :D

That's super cool !

Right now I'm playing your game, but I decided to keep the 10 tokens. By the time my first character inevitably dies, they will have hopefully removed some. I'll then switch to an other character and start again, with as much tokens as they were left. Someone is going to win at some point !

Yes, it was working yesterday for me, but know I have the same bug. I hope it'll get fixed soon :D

It's a cool game! But I'm wondering about the number of tokens on the ace card, it feels like the game is unwinnable, even with the ace card on top.

In average, you will draw only 13 times 1-6 cards before you get all 4 kings (not even counting the jenga tower), but the probability of getting 10 "six" on the dice in this amount of time is two in a thousand games.

I'd suggest changing this number so that the chance of winning appears somewhat possible, even if unlikely. I crunched the number with a python simulation, and here is the result:

Ignoring jenga tower and with the ace card ON TOP:
3 tokens: winning 50% of the games (one in 2 games)
4 tokens: winning 30% of the games (one in 3)
5 tokens: winning 15% of the games (one in 6)
6 tokens: winning 8% of the games (one in 11 or 12)

Now, if you put the ace card at random in the deck, you will have in average about 6 or 7 rounds only to remove all the tokens. The specifics are a bit more complex as you need to take the probability distribution into account, but here are the statistics, still ignoring the jenga tower:

3 tokens: winning 22% of the games (one in 4)
4 tokens: winning 10% of the time (one in 10)
5 tokens: winning 3% of the time (one in 30)
6 tokens: winning 1% of the time (one in 100)

Based on this, I feel like 3 or 4 tokens are enough. Alternatively, you could use 6 or 8 tokens, but removing one if the dice roll a 5 or 6, it would be about the same stats.

This very long mathematical analysis of your game being finished, I love both the concept and the execution. The table are super neat, and the mecanics work well together :D

Je te souhaite un très bon jeu !

Il y a 60 hexagones dans ce rayon, ce n'est pas rien, mais en effet cela risque d'arriver. Le jeu ne répond pas à cette question, il va donc falloir improviser.

Une solution serait de dire que plusieurs ingrédients peuvent être au même endroit, tant que ce n'est pas la même expédition. Une autre serait de décaler le nouvel ingrédient jusqu'à l'hexagone vide le plus proche.

Ceci dit, si tu veux te lancer sans attendre dans une expédition plus longue, n'hésite pas ! C'est toi qui choisit où sont les ingrédients après tout ;)

Peut-être que tu peux crafter un moyen de transport qui te permettra d'aller plus vite, et de passer 2 hexagones par jour (avec naturalia ou ingéniérie par exemple). Ou peut-être que tes liens avec une communauté exterieure te permettra de refaire le plein de provision à une certaine distance du village.
D'ailleurs, tu peux passer en mode rapide les hexagones déjà explorés, quel que soit le sens dans lequel tu les parcours, ça peut aider aussi !

Je suis content que tu aimes ce jeu en tout cas :D

It's a very cool little game, I enjoyed playing this !

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Merci, je crois que je suis tombé amoureux de ce jeu moi aussi !
C'est tellement cool de pouvoir le faire découvrir en VF :D

I contacted you on discord, I think it will be easier :D

I just started a game of Scraps, and I'm in love with it. I must say I've looked at it regularly for the last 6 months, but I never had the time to start a solo game. I now need to go far from home, in the deep caves, to find the phantom sap I need to make my glowing runestones...
I printed the game, and made a real book out of it. Crafting a crafting game was a lot of fun too ! As you might have guessed, I'm playing with Naturalia as my specialty.

I'm wondering if you envisioned a translation in French? We have quite an active solo-RPG community, and I'd be glad to help.

Wow, that's one of the most complete compilation I ever saw!
10/10, would recommend

Wow I don't even know what to answer. That's awesome, thank you !

I hope you will like it :D

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
Drama player,  that's very me too !

Thank you very much, I'll try to publish a new version that is clearer on those points :D

- In Twist, "You can't get negative points.", Does this mean that the "point will not be negative"? Or does it mean "if the point is 0, you can't choose it"?
It means that, at any point of the game you won't have negative points - so try not to remove from 0, but if you have 0/0, then you don't loose any more points. This apply to all the game.

- I can't get negative points in Twist. But, can I get negative points in Event?
No, you can't either

- I have [1 Gender] and [0 Orientation]. I roll 17, Event "-1 gender or -1 orientation". Can I choice orientation? If possible, how many orientation points will I get?
You are playing, and if you feel it makes sense you can choose orientation. In which case you'd be at 0 point. I would suggest to choose gender, but it's up to you.

-If Twist happens in every same entry, and If I have 0 point and rolled all entry, My point is unlikely to be 2. Because if I get 1 point, the twist will reduce it to zero. Even I roll 20, will drop to 0 point with a 5/6 chance.

Yes. I've changed it on the french version, but  maybe I've let it like that on the english version? I'll check and update so that you win a point on a "greater or equal", and not just "greater"


The game can be long, but it is by design. This path is long, and there is room for devellopement and changes along it. If you don't have time to play it entirely you can choose to play it with 2/2 instead, but it means that a single event (20) can give you all the confidence you need in one category. You choose :D


You are right, "Even if he is cis gay, he needs gender points to be confident that he is cis." 
It's hard to be confident in who you are, and exploration of other possibility helps !


Thank you very much for all the feedback, I love it <3

Ben voilà, c'est traduit !

Merci beaucoup, ça me touche !

Je pense oui, il faut juste que je prenne le temps de le traduire. Ce ne devrait pas être bien long :D

Thank you very much ! I really needed to write that one