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Hi, I'm excited that you're interested in translating it, that's really cool! It will take me a little bit, but I can create a set of the images without the text.

Sorry it took me so long, but I've added a zip folder of the pngs to the downloads. Enjoy!

I don't have one. Did you want a pdf with each card as a page? Or did you want a zip folder with all the pngs in it?

That's correct. I would recommend fleeing in those cases, that will give  you a chance to explore a new room, get some more silver, and hopefully get some Scum or Equipment.

My pleasure, glad I could clear those things up.

1 I was using the house rule, when you start the game and draw the first 7 cards, if there is no dungeon card, I made a mulligan and draw 7 cards again until there is a dungeon card. But now I suppose the correct it is: no dungeon, no explore, no monster or fight = play the most expensive monster and fight. Is it correct?

- - That sounds like a fun mulligan rule, but you are correct about the rules as written.

2 Ravenous Veins, you have to check armor before make damage to the monsters? All kind of damage make to monsters have to check armor before?

- - Correct, all damage to Monsters is reduced by their armor.

3 Also, heal hp is only for scum, right? I undersrand nothing heals miseries.

- - HP healing is only for scum. There is no way to heal miseries.

4 the Vandle Scavenge gain D6 x10 silver when you sell equip. Also, the Headhunter gain D6 silver when kill, but you cant spend that silver (1-6) on nothing. Maybe its better D6 x10 silver when kills, like a bounty/trophy hunter.

- - Good catch! Headhunter is indeed supposed to be D6x10s. I'll get that typo fixed :)

5 the Deal with the devil: the scum has 2 damage of 3 hp, and attacking I roll 1, a fumble. It is destroy? Or can I reroll and attack again before he die? I guess not because with 3 damage the scum is kill anyway.

- - In this example, Kurze Heelhelm has 1 HP remaining, and fumbles an attack roll. He can suffer 1 damage to re-roll it, which will still kill him, but he could additionally hit with the attack.

6 Vial BS: "after dealing damage, deal +1 D6 damage", to the same monster? Or can I target another monster? If I kill the monster with the first attack, can I choose another monster to make 1d6 damage?

- - Vial of Rotblack Sludge adds D6 additional damage to the damage roll for the attack, so it would be dealt to the same Monster, or spill over to another Monster engaged with the attacker.

7 Boss Coronach makes d4 damage when rolling any 1. Who is the target of that damage? I suppose myself, because a scum who roll a 1 is destroyed and placed in the Crypt.

- From the 'Extranea' section in the rules "When a card deals damage to you outside of the Fight Phase, you may choose to deal it to any friendly Scum, or to take it yourself. It is reduced by the Scum’s, or your, Armor."

8 If I have more enemy monsters than scum, how I assign them to fight? For example, I have 3 monster and 1 scum in play. How assign them to fight?

- - "Assign each enemy Monster to either a friendly Scum, or to yourself. You may not assign more than one Monster to a Scum or to yourself until each Monster has been assigned. You may then assign any remaining Scum to enemy Monsters." So first, you have to assign one to each Scum and to yourself, then the remaining Monsters can be assigned as you see fit. In your example of 1 Scum and 3 Monsters, you assign 1 Monster to yourself, 1 to the Scum, and then the third to either yourself or the Scum. If you had a 4th Monster, it could also be assigned either to yourself or to the Scum.

9 The miseries are face down, but if you dont look, maybe the three bosses can be there and never win the game. It is very difficult but  possible. In the other hand, if you look the miseries, you know what cards are not available in the game.

- - It's true! Because there are multiple Boss cards, they would eventually be revealed through suffering miseries, but this can make it difficult for sure.

10 Just curious, where are the Inverted Sepulcher in the map of the Dying Lands?

- - I imagine it being in the Valley of Unfortunate Undead.

I have been working on another set, it's just slow going because of work and life. If you have any ideas for cards though, I wholeheartedly endorse posting them here on itch! If you let me know, I'll create a 7:7 collection so they can be featured :)



Hi Leona! I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far! I'll do my best to answer your questions :) I really appreciate you asking, because I think this has shown me one oversight/typo, and also tells me what I should put in an FAQ with my next release (like maybe a few turns of sample gameplay). Here goes:

1 - bonus Buy phase at first turn, is about a 7 cards hand?

- - Correct on both counts.

2 - Inverted Church: heal 1hp means recover one misery?

- - 'Heal' doesn't help your miseries. It just heals damage from your Scum.

3 - "when you take damage more than the armor, draw 1 misery". If I take 3 damage points, I draw 3 miseries? If I take damage from two monsters, I draw 2 miseries?

- - If you take damage (after armor) from two Monsters, draw 2 Miseries. However, even if you take 3 damage, you only draw one Misery if it is all from a single source.

4 - You lose the Ravenous Veins (equip scroll) after used? Or you keep it until it is destroyed on a fumble?

- - Equipment (like Ravenous Veins) is only destroyed after use if it is 'one use'. So you keep Ravenous Veins until it is destroyed by a fumble.

Lurk phase: 

5 - how many monsters can I play?

- - You have a temporary pool of silver equal to the silver generated by exploration to spend on playing Monsters. You can play as many as you like as long as their total cost does not exceed the Explore roll total.

6 - "Your opponent may play monsters costing no more than you Explore roll"

The Explore roll is the number rolled x10? or the total of silver gained?

- - It is the total silver gained.

7 - If I gained 60 silver, I must play two monsters of 30 silver? One monster of 60 silver? Two monsters or more of 60 silver?

- - Either of the first two options. "two monsters or more of 60 silver" wouldn't be allowed since the total would exceed 60 silver.

8 - "You must play as many silver worth of Monsters as possible", what does it mean?

- - This just means that when playing Solo, you must maximize the value of the Monsters you play on yourself. No taking it easy on yourself :)

9 - if I dont make an Explore roll, I must play the most expensive monster possible (even if I did not gained enough silver)? If I had more than one, must play both or all monsters I have in the hand?

- - I believe this is an oversight on my part, I'll have to look into it more closely, but I believe the Lurk Phase rules really ought to read "If you did not make an Explore roll AND there are no enemy Monsters in play, they can play ANY one Monster they want." Basically if you don't explore and you're not already fighting something, you encounter the most expensive monster (but not more than one).

10 - Assign: if I have several monsters engaged to me, on a successfull attack, I damage all of them? Or only one?

- - You choose one of the engaged Monsters to attack. Any excess damage spills over to another Monster of your choice (and so forth until you run out of damage).

Fight phase:

11 - on a turn, I only have 1 Attack per turn? Or can I make more attacks in the same turn until the monster/s or the scum (or myself) dies?

- - You only have one attack with your Weapon, and each of your Scum can attack as well. You do not make multiple attacks in a turn unless a card allows you to.

12 - if I make damage and I dont have a weapon, what damage die must use? I suppose bare hands are d2.

- - By the letter of the rules you can't attack without a Weapon, but I think attacking unarmed for D2 damage sounds like a perfect house rule.

13 - If I want to defeat a Boss monster, I cant play a Dungeon card, because the boss monster would be discarted. But I cant explore because there is a monster. If I dont explore, must I play any more monsters?

- - As before, I believe this is an oversight on my part. So the answer is the same as in question 9.

As for Solo play in general, it's just like VS, except that you are your own opponent (hopefully that's helpful). Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or if my answers are unclear. 

Happy Gaming!

Thanks!  I’d love to hear how it goes :)