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Well this was... "different" but still a really nice game lol.

This game single handedly ruined everything i like about carrots xD.

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This game looks really nice and the ambiance is fantastic :D.

I also made a video i hope you enjoy.

This game is so weird but so spooky at the same time ... I Love It :D.

This game has a very cool concept and i like the look.

Wish it was longer but its still a pretty cool game :).

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Hi loved your game thought it was a pretty good spoof oof alone in the dark heres my gameplay and i hope you enjoy :D

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This game is pretty with a unexpected ending i like the creepy vibes and the way the game looks.  Great job :D

Sure thing following and looking forward to your next game :)

Hi i made a video on your game it was pretty nice and for having no jumpscares it somehow still kept me on edge the whole time great job :D

The art style is nice the story is great what not to love about it :D

This game is awesome and has the same cool look as yurei station great job :D

This game was so awesome i love the 80s movie vibes and the story of the game but it wouldn't save for me ;(

Hey i think your game is a masterpiece and the story of it is pretty cool :D

It was pretty fun and i got a little spooked by the person in the living room but it was way too short for what it was.

Still i would love to play it later if you update it some more :D

This game looks nice and the story was more like a experience then just playing a game awesome job :D