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Nice! I'm gonna try now. Thank you :)

Black screen after headphone message

Great! I can't wait!

It looks amazing so far. Do you have a release date yet?

I'll definitely play again to see the ending! But for my video, I couldn't start all over again hehe But I guarantee you that it didn't ruin my experience at all. A big hug, my friend! God bless you

What a great game, my friend! I lost two arms near the end (they flew away hahaha) and couldn't reach the end, but the experience was so intense and immersive. I loved it! Thank you so much for this gem and greetings from Brazil!

i'm gonna post a gameplay video in my channel. Can't wait for play! God bless

Hi! I downloaded the game again and it worked. Thank you!

When I try to run the game, I get this message: "The map specified on the commandline '/Game/BodycamFPS/Demo/Levels/MetroSection' could not be found. Exiting."

Yeah! Please, do your best!!

Great story. I'd love to drive to hell again!

wow, great news! It's kind of crazy to think that you managed to create this atmosphere in just one week. May you have many free weeks from now on then!

Can I make suggestions? You could add a clock, starting at midnight until morning. The tension and paranormal activity could increase (peaking at 3am, maybe?) and make the fear bar fill up faster. The player would have to manage the game mechanics (perhaps with some elements such as praying, covering the head etc.). You could also add temporary sleep paralysis, causing the player unable to move or perform any actions for a while. And, of course, think about a game over if the bar breaks. Something like "you will never sleep again" hahaha

But, yeah,  you have a lot to think about. And I'll be waiting for it!

I just want to tell you something: you have gold in your hands, Chris! Explore more of this amazing mechanics in a longer game and you'll have an instant success! PLEASE DO IT!

Greeting from Brazil!

Rio Grande do Sul representando!! Que jogo BOM! Estética, história, gameplay! Queria mais, muito mais disso. Parabéns, MONUMENTAL!


Rio Grande do Sul representing!! What a GOOD game! Aesthetics, history, gameplay! I wanted more, much more of this. Congratulations, MONUMENTAL!

Que jogo MARAVILHOSO! Cara, eu só tenho elogios para você e para o seu trabalho. Dá orgulho de ver um produto tão bem feito em um mercado tão carente como o nosso. Quero MUITO ver você envolvido em um projeto comercial maior, com recursos disponíveis para poder usar essa mente criativa abençoada. Me senti dentro de um filme da A24 hahahaha Sério, MUITO BOM!! Parabéns, Scary Box, você entregou ouro aqui!

(Eu não sei se esse jogo se passa mesmo em Mariana/MG, mas falei isso durante toda a gameplay kkkkk o que levantou minha dúvida foi o grostoli da vizinha, porque depois que descobri que no sul eles chamam assim a cueca virada! Por favor, tira essa dúvida da minha mente: esse jogo é ambientado no RS ou em MG??)


What a WONDERFUL game! Dude, I have nothing but praise for you and your work. I'm so proud to see a product so well made in a market as needy as ours. I REALLY want to see you involved in a larger commercial project, with plenty resources to use your blessed creative mind on. I felt like I was in an A24 film hahahaha Seriously, VERY GOOD!! Congratulations, Scary Box, you delivered gold here!

Great atmosphere! Game visuals are on point. Good doggos everywhere. I Just wanted more! The game is too short!

Greetings from Brazil!

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I love the aesthetics of this game and the homage to Japanese horror films in the Found Footage style! I don't know if the dev was inspired by any Japanese horror directors, but it would be perfect to see more of that. If you don't know Kōji Shiraishi's films, I recommend you watch (Noroi and Occult <3).

I found some bugs, like clicking on the trash can and not being able to enter it and the monster getting stuck in a trash can in the market, near the bookstore. In fact, the market part was a little frustrating for me. I was very disoriented and I think there was a lack of guidance on what to do there. But I loved the candle mechanics and would have liked to see it used more!

Great game! Check out my gameplay.

Greetings from Brazil!

Amazing stuff. I need more of this and I really need to know who the hell is the person the test showed up for me to recognize.

Greetings from Brazil!

I think this project will change the alien genre in games forever! I'm looking forward to the final version of this marvel!

Greetings from Brazil!

I've waited my whole life for this day. Please, all I wish is the full game. This is something I think every twin peaks fan misses: an official game.

Blue Rose Team, you guys are doing an amazing job!

I played the demo and posted on my YT channel. Spoilers alert!

Greeting from Brazil!