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Everything fits nicely. The asthetics, sounds, look and feel of the menu (among the best I've ever seen on a GBC) and the gameplay itself despite being the usual three-match is super addictive, especially the puzzle mode.

Can't get enough of puzzle games on the GB(C) and this one is very well made!

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Would love to play this on retro handhelds or my hacked OLED Switch.

Fantastic work btw! You should definitely make the camera zoom adjustable by a key shortcut though. :)

You should, you are very talented!

Love this game so much. I keep recommending it on Reddit whenever someone asks for a "hidden gem" or "unknown GBA game". Not only are the puzzles decent (and the amount incredible), it's also just a very well crafted game with great graphics, smooth mechanics and a calm soundtrack.

It's great because a device like the Miyoo Mini always fits in your pocket allowing you to play Connect even in a train or plane.

Glad to hear you guys enjoy it too. Unlike a platformer that you play once and "seen it all" afterwards, something like Connect can be played infinitely. Even if a certain puzzle comes up twice, nobody would remember it. For our human brains it's definitely as each game is a complete new run through and that's super cool.

Love this game so much! I play it mainly on my Miyoo Mini Plus and my hacked Nintendo Switch OLED (inbetween Zelda sessions) and it's really SO addictive!

I have to say, very clever idea to include this debug crash screen!

Very good implementation of Sudoku. Good solution to "swipe" through the numbers with the shoulder buttons!


  • little annoying that B is the "proceed" button instead of A, since A is usually the default on Nintendo consoles (including SNES)
  • after a puzzle is solved, it shows "done" which is nice but it feels a little unnatural not to have a button (or START) that is offered then to you to take you back to the title screen, instead you have to do it manually with the menu

(both cons are no real big issues though, just wanted to give feedback)


  • bug free and smooth
  • appealing visuals
  • great to be able to input newspaper puzzles in an empty grid
  • the hint feature is fantastic!

What I miss:

  • a way to note down numbers in a field that "might" be there, for example if I know in the top left square is either a 3 or 7, same applies to the field below it, I would love to be able to note them as small numbers in the field until I know for sure which number goes where... not so sure how I would implement this in a good way though

What would be a fantastic addition:

  • auto-generated puzzles instead of "pre-made" ones... there are a few algorithms for this but I'm not sure how they'd be able to fit in an SNES rom but at least wanted to mention it :) pretty sure though that you thought about this by yourself already

Conclusion: Really an outstanding port so far, really like it.

Hi, seeing you've updated this on August '22, I guess you already fixed the sound loop issue? :) Because I'm interested in the game.

Looks like a nice GB Studio game. However 80 bucks is a little too much for me. Any chance to only buy the rom for a little less?

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Then I apologise, although it's pretty bad from a UX perspective to write "SOLD OUT" (instead of something like "Pre-Order") underneath the product imho but I guess this isn't your fault. :) Looking forward to your release.

Edit: Well, apparently they changed it now. Also I subscribed to the mail notification to get an alert when it's out. :)

Fantastic unique style and charm. Such a shame it can't be purchased any longer.

And how can a digital (!) edition be "sold out"? Because that's what it says currently. I don't get it, why is this happening to so many games? Same with Shapeshifter 1 & 2. This way a few buyers enjoy them and then the game disappears from planet earth forever, which is a shame. I would have gladly purchased the digital version as well.

Please iron out the bugs you mentioned since this looks pretty cool imho!

Same! Played it on my Miyoo Mini too and also hope for future updates! Amazing game!

Nice, thanks for letting me know! So you're still actively developing it? I gave the previous version a small shot on the Miyoo Mini but want to keep it now until my Analogue Pocket arrives (hopefully in december). Can't wait to play it then. =)

Wow thanks for the fast reply. Is this the january release from GitHub or even newer?

Such a lovely game! Really amazing!

PC version is just an emulator.

Looks good so far :)

Epic, thanks for that!

Genius with that compression method. Fantastic v1.0 release! Been following this for a couple of months now and I'm proud about how this turned out.

You can request it here:

Amazing, thank you very much! =)

Thanks for the fast reply.

Sounds good. I'll be sure to keep an eye on what's going on here. :)

Again: Really nice game!

I followed you for a while on Instagram but I'm still surprised how much detail has been put into this.

The cutscenes are beautiful. The gameplay is like a "Donkey Kong Deluxe" with that nice twist of being able to use the helmet. The sprites and levels are very well made too.

I haven't played through the whole game yet since I want to wait for my Analogue Pocket to arrive to play it there but I couldn't resist trying out a few levels and I'm in love with this game already. Even the intro and title screen... amazing!

Just one tip for a potential update: Would be cool if you could pause the game with START.

Also two questions:

  1. Why isn't the file extension .gbc? It should be I guess.
  2. You can't provide a .pocket file, can you? Since you used GB Studio 2 and not 3. However if you ever can import it over to 3 be sure to do an export to .pocket as well since the Analogue Community will love this!

Greetings from Germany 


Use this one, works fine:

J = A
Z = B

Richtig nice bbbbr!

How kind of you to collaborate! That's awesome! Would love a german version too! =)

Very nice! I wish there was a version with a german dictionary though. :P

This is so charming. Nice pixel arts. Been following it on YouTube. Thank you so much for the tutorials and please finish this. This would be damn sexy on the Analogue Pocket!