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That's pretty common from little games I've seen before...  Not sure why it's happening for ours in this case.  Maybe because we included a font...?  Not sure.  You can run the game anyway if you click More Info, then Run Anyway.

Looks very cool and I like the idea of the changing lightsource but I didn't find myself using it all that much and when I did, I just held mouse button down.  I love the idea in general. I could see it in use in some sort of puzzle system or something.

Freaking good!!!

Very slick and a lot of fun!  Good controls and graphics!

I loved the art!

I liked the unique art and story!  Pretty impressive for a single person!  Great job!

Difficult levels!  I had to skip some of them to see them all.  :(  Actually playing the game is a little rough, but really good design!  One of my favorite so far!

Congrats on finishing something!  Maybe a bit too much English narration given the amount of translation errors. Would have fit in nicely in the era of browser games.

Good polish and nice minimalist graphics!  I like that it was a slight twist on the typical on-rails flight combat game where you speed up once you get 4 kills.  Kind of made the pacing more interesting.

Great work for a first finished game!  Keep making them and you'll make something awesome!

I imagine it was deeper than I experienced but what I saw was pretty cool!  I can imagine it turning into a cool RPG.  Good job on finishing it!

Got 1050.  Fun little game!  Could easily see some more mechanics and stuff thrown in to spice it up!

I collected some things and they made the game louder and more wavy!  I didn't know what else to do.  Good!

Pretty difficult combat!  I didn't manage to survive long.  Good job on making it!

Certainly the most evenly matched game of pong I've ever played.

Spooky game!  Managed to get out, though it was a little annoying getting killed because I had no idea what I was supposed to do to avoid it.  Seemed more-or-less random.  Still fun!

This was a bit fun! Also frustrating...  Could be neat with some improved controls and events.

I made it home!  Yay!

I try to play this, but double-clicking the .exe doesn't make anything happen!

That was fun!  Too bad there aren't more levels.  It felt like it could be a really good fast-paced platformer.

Just finished!  Some pretty tough puzzles in there!  Took me a while to realize there were diagonal controls too.  Good job!

A lot of these are toys or little beginner projects, so I try to have some leniency...  Though I agree, it's sometimes a slog digging through some of the stuff to find the games with a little more put into them.  Don't like to judge too many by their cover, but I also don't have time to play 100 games. D:

I played your game!  I'm not very good at typing apparently.  Good stuff!  Nice job finishing it!