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Nice art and atmosphere!

I liked the atmosphere and flow!  Nice work!

I played for a while and couldn't quite figure out what else to do towards the end.  Nice work!

I couldn't find the key unfortunately... Nice atmosphere, though!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere and style. With a few additional gameplay elements I think it could be an excellent little game!

Screamed like  a child!  Good work!

I didn't quite understand the game but I made it to the end!  Nice job finishing!

Great atmosphere and build up!  Had me pretty invested!

I liked what there was, just wish I coulda shot a creepy!  Nice work!

Enjoyed this short experience!  Quite a shocking ending!

I couldn't figure out where to go after I got inside the school, but I enjoyed the easter egg on top of the building and the odd, spooky atmosphere!  Nice work!

Very entertaining experience, despite a few confusing points and minor bugs! The acting is great and the characters are perfectly campy! Nice job!

Enjoyed this scary experience!  Nice Work!

Loved the vibe and the experimental idea at the core of the gameplay. No bugs as far as I could tell and it had a polish most of the other games I've played didn't.  Great work!

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Enjoyed the game! Took me a little while to get the first puzzle and got the second just by chance.

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Thanks for making this!  Couldn't find the torch initially but liked being able to see once I did!

I enjoyed this and managed to finish it even though I didn't think I would!  Nice work!

Couldn't get through the whole thing unfortunately, but I enjoyed what I did play!

Nice, brief experience!  Managed to get through on the first try!  Good job finishing it!

Enjoyed this short experience and screamed like a child! Nice work!

Of course!

Enjoyed this spooky game!  I got killed after collecting everything.  Couldn't find the lighthouse again at the end.  :(

I enjoyed the game despite the few bugs I ran into!  Reminded me of RE and other PS1 horror games.

Wish I had known to look for the lamp earlier on cuz it definitely helped navigate the maze!  Nice job finishing your game!

Cool experiment with audio as the primary source of gameplay.  Congrats on finishing it!

Had more fun with this than expected!  Funny little game!  

Nice little platformer!  Congratulations on finishing!  Here's a vid of me playing:

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Surprising amount of content for a jam game!  I ran into a few bugs that kept me from finishing, unfortunately.  I will upload a youtube video soon to show my experience with it!

thanks! I’ll have to double check the windows project, thanks for letting me know!

For one, there was a fuzzy filter over everything at all times.  I'm not sure if that's a stylistic choice or bug.
Second, only 1 ghost ever spawned.  I waited a minute or two but nothing else ever did...

Enjoyed the game but it doesn't seem to be a horror game!

Controls were great the atmosphere was perfect!  A bit frustrating with how the torpedoes didn't really do much to deter the creatures.  Maybe having them swim away from you or die after getting hit would help?  They tended to immediately start following me and hitting me from behind when I would hit one and try to run away.

50 deaths, 14 minutes.  That last set of platforms made me so stubborn and mad! lol  nice job!

Played it for longer than I was expecting!  The platforming was the hardest part for me.

Unfortunately I can't see that anything happens after the first ghost comes out and gets captured.  I like the music though!

Loved the visual effects and the basic gameplay!  Some added content and events would make it more engaging for a longer amount of time!

The sound effects and art were great!  Enjoyed the quick experience, thanks for making it!

The art was great as was the music!  Ran into a bug at the end after getting hit by the wolf where I couldn't move anymore.

The art was great as was the music!  Ran into a bug at the end after getting hit by the wolf where I couldn't move anymore.

thanks! If you had enough room for food in your inventory, there might’ve been a bug depending on where the deer died. Sorry you ran into that!